How to make the image search to bring you Everfount flow

search with Google is very similar (SOSO before using the Google search technology), picture button position is only arranged behind the web search. SOSO navigation bar arranged in the top three and Google, all are web pages, pictures and videos, behind is the unique SOSO products.

picture to include some important explanatory text

search navigation images

Google search navigation images

optimization picture?Around the

love Shanghai navigation images


on our search engine from the point of view about the importance of image flow in search traffic, then how do we make good use of it, how to do

image search is a very important product search engine series products, is also a part of most of us easier to ignore, we usually only pay attention to web search traffic, in fact, if the picture optimization well, also can get good flow, especially for some station based website with pictures, but also the need to optimize the picture as a key optimization strategy to look up. Not to mention the image optimization is much more simple than web optimization, the price is relatively high. In fact, if you always pay attention to the search engine home page layout, you can see some pictures from the search for clues. Now the A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/. Simply talk about: how to make the image search to bring you Everfount read more

Get attention of high quality external links

external links and internal links is the webmaster has been the focus of attention, and the search engine of internal and external links have their own judgment and punishment mechanism. In order to avoid search engine punishment, friendly construction of external links is particularly important. How to build a friendly external links? What are the channels and access to external links? What are the places that need attention? First is to understand the basis of

external links in a variety of ways, including common including but not limited to: Links, blog, soft launch, inquiry platform, catalogue, site navigation, BBS signature, bookmarks, bookmarks, link bait, paid links, plug-in tools and so on, these methods all do not have to do, you can choose your own. Or have the resources to achieve the ultimate good. After Jinhua will write an article to introduce these methods. No matter what you choose to do outside the chain, be sure to have the following considerations in mind. read more

How to choose the key words 99% people miss this step

2, the annual search volume increased, the monthly turnover increased slowly. This will be a good choice of keywords.

needs to mention is that people are always thinking, and not pay attention to this trend. Grasp the trend, this will undoubtedly become a necessary condition for you to walk in front of others. This paper consists of village affairs 贵族宝贝cunwu.cuncun8贵族宝贝 share submission, please keep the link, thank you


1, but not every year, every month or every quarter is a lot of difference. The keywords need to be treated with care.

we have to pay attention to Google keyword tool, the keyword tool than many software tools are better paid keywords.

with Google keyword tool to select keywords usually includes the following steps:

if the search for specific keywords in different months, often find a month to search for certain keywords changed a lot. This is because the search keywords different time factor. Here recommended Google trend tools to help check some key words flow trend. Like before I spent a lot of effort to eat this dish what summer Quhuo words do love Shanghai before three. But its recent search volume as below. read more

The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love extended reading promotion into large flow.


need to modify data write: increase mobile phone series, most > Fill


do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng students know, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of almost ninety percent entries occupy the first search rankings, can be said to be the gold position, because the page weight love Shanghai encyclopedia is very high, want to go beyond the love of Shanghai is a bit difficult. Love Shanghai reason to Wikipedia so powerful is the inner chain to the extreme. If we love Shanghai optimization meet a large flow of words, want to get the first and do not go up, in fact, we can also guide the flow by using the extended reading and reference of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. Or when the site was ranking, and put all the entries related to your industry do on the extended reading link, traffic is very considerable. Below I introduce the operation method of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love plus external chain: read more

How do website drop right after operation

3, there is a more detail of the place "Links", for many webmaster every day are not very concerned about the Links whether the normal operation of the website, so when a Links website will be right or the horse, then it will affect their own site, will be followed by the search engine drop right.

1, under normal circumstances, if the site suddenly website promotion operation is in the process of normal right down, the most likely reason is that personal website on the excessive Shanghai dragon and reduces to the website promotion, followed by factors and web server instability is linked to the horse and other unsafe factors.

, what factors lead to site search engine drop right

introduction: the promotion of cosmetic photography network has been more than two years, the groundless talk work experience also let me gain a lot, such as the website operation promotion plan, planning methods, have a certain understanding and familiar, I believe many Shanghai dragon Er filed "website right down" God will panic. But as a webmaster if you have carefully analyzed and summed up the operation method of the web site is down right after it! Here I would share a few points, hope to help Shanghai dragon er. read more

Love is what what is the role of weight in Shanghai

(1) site factors: site factors including domain name, website content, website content quality, the legitimacy of the website structure (2) to guide the flow of site outside the chain of no external factors, and also attract spider >

How to improve the weight of Shanghai love

1, or you do your brand word, word product index, to attract users to search your keywords. This is the premise is a web site with a good ranking. But no one search problem.


to improve your keyword search index, you can use is to do network marketing channels. To increase your brand visibility, to attract users to search. For example, Shanghai Longfeng research center. Has been through the QQ group, news source, micro-blog and other channels in the promotion. So also attract a lot of users to search the related keywords. In this way can increase the search volume on brand word. Then do a site he will be so in search of Shanghai traffic. Of course, such a large vocabulary for a certain influence. read more

Change to change the system, optimize the staff to deal with the adjustment and upgrade algorithm


optimization work not only reflected in the network construction, but also in the

standard to love Shanghai before optimization

owners need to use fresh to arm itself, enhance the access value of

believe that everyone is very complex for the love mood of Shanghai, on the one hand it is the main source of traffic to our site, optimize the work of love Shanghai basically do even half done, but on the other hand, love Shanghai for the monopoly of resources always let us repeatedly complain, especially the "update algorithm always bursts" let us back to the night before liberation. So in love Shanghai algorithm escalating under the condition of adjustment, as a webmaster we should be how to deal with, to smooth over

can apply to stationmaster first analyzed the

how to judge whether a site has access to the value, I think mainly from two aspects, the stability, fancy is the site of the hardware conditions, can give the user Pro > read more

The webmaster should be calm in the face of the domain home page is not the first phenomenon

if domain is not the first home page, the site is down right, we should be how to solve it? In fact, this little Wu Yeshen feeling, because of the recent hand to pick up the two list of two different treatment methods, the effect is different. Nonsense not say, the first.

the top two chart shows the result is obvious, a domain has been restored, a no time, two domain is not the first home page, home page is on page second. So when we encounter this kind of situation is what we should do? Here by the author to talk about their operating practices.


, the first web content update

many friends see above, may ask why two website articles have to ensure the quality, but there will be a different effect? Is the first picture on the content of the website is not updated by the author, you may find that the site almost no within the chain, and the second sites are so. Site articles within the chain should arouse people’s attention, in the chain can make our home page weight to increase the weight, so as to effectively enhance the value of the home page.. read more

After the judgment of the chain of love Shanghai declare everything changed

we look at this map, love Shanghai was the forum for signature as does not transfer the weight will reduce weight, before that do you do? Sure before a lot of people do a lot of this forum signature, and most stations are on the forum signature to bring up, and now in love with the sea such a description, which is obviously completely ineffective, we simply do not know what to do to the local anti chain. Even to exchange Links, now slightly to do a little weight station, and will not new or there is no weight, low PR station exchange links, the station to station do how to do? It is to let some people unemployed, there are people that we can buy links to do this, don’t want to, love Shanghai as early as last year have links to purchase as a key target.

do stand webmaster clear April 25th love Shanghai released how to determine the spider chain, this article I read five times, after reading to me is the greatest feeling of love now Shanghai has become more and more difficult, Shanghai love to do is not to bid? In this way, there are a few people can to optimize the normal. read more