Rubén leaves Athletic halfway

first_imgCardsReferee: David Medié JiménezVAR Referee: Alfonso Javier Álvarez IzquierdoCap (12 ‘, Yellow) Unai López (18 ‘, Yellow) Nestor Araújo (22 ‘, Yellow) Yuri (26 ‘, Yellow) White Ruben (72 ‘, Yellow) Íñigo Martínez (82 ‘, Yellow) Kevin Vázquez (92 ‘, Yellow Garitano wanted to intervene and changed the drawing in 66, with Muniain on the left and Williams between the band and another tip, to agglutinate inside and unload outside. But the anxiety did not stop. A center of Muniain by the band hit Beltrán’s arm, half turned, in one of those usual plays in football. Penalty scored by Raúl García (sixth goal this year, fourth from 11 meters). Villalibre, again with minutes to claim, launched a mincemeat before Sergio but Aidoo took it out and in 94 Raúl García wanted to trace exactly the same postcard as Aduriz before Barça: a Capa and Chilean center in the same sector as the Donostiarra, But he did not achieve his purpose. In this football it is not worth deserving to win the points, you have to bring down the other boxer. Celta was sent a notice from Palma a few hours before appearing in San Mamés. Mallorca strolled surprisingly against Valencia on his island and ceded his place in the wagon of those condemned to the descent. How to assume that tremor? Well, enduring as you can with a Eurocopa goalkeeper, leaving the tackle in the hands of Rafinha and taking advantage of the little that was put to shot. Athletic was a whirlwind of occasions and rhythm (it had three marches more than the enemy), stripped to very inconsistent sides, but as it was failed by that wall called Sergio, he became overexcited and wanted to score the second goal of the comeback without Do the first. They did not chew the game enough, they became excessively vertical and only took one point. Lions have gotten stuck with four straight draws that make them add up, but distance them from the European goal.The lions began with the usual verve and authority, and only found a Vigo snort. Garitano gave the attack on the left to Ibai, who had been thinking about his possible exit to Espanyol all week. They have all fallen down that shore: Muniain, Córdoba, until Yuri in some afternoon … There are no candidates and it’s time. He was collecting a few centers on that side that put the pupils of Óscar García Junyent in evidence. Muniain is a capital player for his coach and, even with no more rhythm than half an hour in the Cup against a Third, he lay down in the midpoint, with Williams on the right and Raúl García in the nine, that is, the usual roles. Murillo, back to LaLiga, almost got into his own door and Muniain had a header but he didn’t know how to hit. The monologue only broke sporadically with a Celtic who tried to deal with the storm.Finally Aspas appeared that attracts rivals and ends up filtering goal passes like nobody else. On the second, he focused on Rafinha, who in the front of the area fired a shot that touched Yeray and was poisoned in such a way that Herrerín could not even reach it. The lions were too excited, messy, as if they lived in the 88th minute, when they were half an hour away from looking for the comeback. There were several phases with rifirrafes and entries that the referee discontinued as deserving of a card. Yuri and Raul were upset, cursing the floor, kicking the ball … that seemed to house a spicy overflow. Goals0-1, 55 ‘: Rafinha, 1-1, 75 ‘: Raul Garcia ChangesVillalibre (66 ‘, Ibai Gómez), Cheikh paper (67 ‘, Santi Mina), Denis Suarez (78 ‘, Rafinha), Lekue (81 ‘, Williams), Joseph Aidoo (87 ‘, Brais)last_img read more