Microsoft introducing Halo Waypoint mobile app with realtime game intel

first_imgMicrosoft is introducing a powerful companion app to its Halo franchise for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 that’s a mobile competitor to Activision’s Call of Duty Elite service. The app, Halo Waypoint, provides access to stats for free and a paid upgrade to a strategy app that shows birds-eye maps and “near-real-time” information on weapons and vehicles in a match you’re currently playing.Halo Waypoint has existed for a couple years as a console-based companion app to the entire Halo franchise, enabling you to track cross-game stats and unlock achievements across multiple titles in the series, including the Halo Wars RTS spinoff. That experience is now being ported over to mobile devices, but the real draw is the ATLAS strategy system.Developed in association with strategy guide maker Brady Games, the feature includes full maps for Halo: Reach with pan/zoom support and item locations. To keep things competitive, in Matchmaking multiplayer the maps will only show the default spawn locations of weapons, powerups and health packs. However, in custom games things get more interesting, as the “near-real-time” system shows the current locations of all weapons and powerups. If your buddy is cloaked and holding the rocket launcher, you can get the drop on him. Vehicles will also be revealed accordingly.ATLAS will be a paid in-app upgrade priced at $4.99 on most devices in the US and at the corresponding price point in international markets. Halo Waypoint arrives on all three mobile app stores on Saturday, December 10.Via Microsoft’s official Halo sitelast_img read more