This Pig Bone Pudding Comes Alive With The Taste of Tonkotsu Ramen

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. If you’ve ever eaten tonkotsu ramen, you probably know all about how delicious, milky, and savory the broth is. That’s because it’s made with the broth of a pig bone broken down into a savory soup. It’s a little saltier than regular ramen, but it’s also very hearty and delicious, especially when eaten with ramen noodles. So you understand how it might not be the best flavor to chow down on as a type of pudding. Or it could be the best, depending on who you are.Tonkotsu Pudding, or “pig bone pudding,” is now a thing. It’s available via Glow Foods online for 345 yen a cup (about $3), and the slogan on the actual box says something like “No, seriously.” It makes sense why anyone might question its existence, after all, because it’s a frozen treat like ice cream but also a pudding that’s been seasoned with the bones of a pig. Alrighty then!via glow-foods.jpWhen the cup is opened, it even features a chocolate bone on top of the confection. According to RocketNews24, however, the taste isn’t even that of pork ramen, but just a saltiness and delicious pudding with the chocolate bone to top things off. It’s possible that it might have some pork bone in it in some way that doesn’t give it a meat flavor, or maybe it totally is a gag, and Glow Foods just doesn’t want anyone to know.Whatever the case may be, it looks pretty appetizing, and even if it did taste like pork, there’s probably someone out there who’d find it decadent and delicious. It looks like the actual pudding is more on the sweet side though, so it’s probably going to appeal to a wider audience than you might have guessed from the start. Still, it’s got a weird and slightly unappetizing ring to it, huh?last_img read more