Setién: “The north wind I bring will be there every day”

first_img-The week went really well. It has been much better than I expected because when you appear in a new team, you always have uncertainty on how you will respond. I was surprised to see the attitude there has been to work, to accept some of the changes that each coach proposes when he arrives at a site and I am very happy about everything. From work, from the ability they have to understand anything you say. It has been all wonderful.-We have seen him chat a lot with Messi. How has the Argentine reception been and what is its predisposition.– It is true that I have spoken with Leo, as with all the players. But I have spoken with him as well as with Piqué, with Neto. We will not deny that he is a special player. With everyone I had a conversation at some point. This will be usual. I like to change impressions with the players, know what they think, discuss what we propose. Today there has been one thing with Arturo that we have explained in the dressing room and then he has applied it in training. The feedback we have to have with them must be absolute.-One of the things that has surprised is that he has already had Riqui Puig in training.-With regard to Riqui and all the players of the subsidiary, of course the opinion I have is that I have to get to know them. I know most but not intimately. Riqui is a great player as great players are in the subsidiary. Options are going to have them all. It is true that by circumstances he has trained this week with us and next week could be another. I do not look at the names but what they give me in training. Perhaps one day you may be surprised that one day a subsidiary player appears and starts playing.– Is there enough staff or need reinforcements?-As I said the other day, it is early to make decisions. I like to think things, not to move on impulse. The possibility you raise sometimes depends on luck. If you have an injury and you are going to protect yourself. We have given ourselves a margin to talk about signings and we are in them.-You have been well received, but the removal of Valverde has been somewhat strange. Has that unanimity bothered you?-Look, since we trainers choose this profession we know that it is a profession of risk and we are prepared for whatever comes. That is fair or unfair, it is not up to us. You focus on what you have to focus on, what it is to work on, and expect things to go well. We cannot control the interpretation of the rest. We are not the ones who decide.-You say that everything is wonderful but says that the costumes are comfortable. Has a good predisposition of the players been found?-the question is that I do not have a perspective of what has been working here in recent years. I do not know what was working here, I do not worry because it is not my business. What I propose when I get somewhere is to start giving them the guidelines that interest me and that I will try to integrate into their brain so that everything goes as we want. We propose things that have to be assimilated. Let’s see to what extent we can make it look fast on the pitch. That will give us the reference. I want to see if we can see in the matches what we explain in training. That is the way. But we will not have a clear reference until some games pass. If they understand or tell you only yes, yes Mr.Have you already assumed that you are really the Barcelona coach?He never called me a big one. I think everything has a process in this life and the truth is that I think humbly, I know what it costs to get things. I consider myself absolutely valid but I know that is not enough sometimes. The reality is that, for me, it has been an unexpected gift. I’m going to take advantage of it until I have to go. And I will try to do the same and put the same enthusiasm for things to go well for us. Sometimes it costs me. I wake up and say host: I’m going to train these players. You can’t be in a better place, that’s the reality.Before he made a reference to Arturo Vidal. What role do you reserve?Today I told you, when we played for a while, that the alignments of the two teams have nothing to do with what will be tomorrow. Nobody draw conclusions. Everyone has options to play. There are players with hierarchy who are on a higher step but I would like everyone to think that you have to win the position every day. He who does not play, then he must wait and I will talk to him. But this is day to day. That’s why sometimes I don’t like to talk about specific players. Valverde said that his virtue was that he was not very orderly. In your game, what kind of role can Vidal have? Is it okay for me not to be ordered?Without sticking to any particular player, we attach great importance to order. There are players who tend to get messy, not only Arturo but more. We need a balance because you have to have order to attack and defend. In the players that we consider to be shown images, we will do it. Be part of understanding this.Abel Ruiz has also trained these days. Do you favor it?I still cannot answer these questions. I don’t know the answers. It all depends on what enters my eyes. The personal circumstances of each are matters that do not concern me.Do you see Barça playing with fake nine?It’s fine that you have given so many options because they are all valid. Perfectly.– Do you see him in the role of center forward to Griezmann?-Any proposal we make to any player will enthusiastically admit it. Luis’s absence is a problem because he is one of the best players in the world and that is a problem, but we will try to minimize his absence by taking advantage of other players.What would you prefer tomorrow, win by playing badly or lose by playing well?I always want to win. If I win playing badly, I will not be happy at home and I will never tell the players that the result is worth it. We are all smart and able to understand that if you play well you have more chances to win. That is my explanation. I will always try to make my team play well because that way I have more chances to win.-Beyond the club, have you noticed between the fans that are received with expectation for his speech and his radicalism and how he wants to return football to Barça?-I haven’t had time to notice much what they say. It is true that there are people from the club, the press, who seem to have liked me for how I understand the game. But I have not had time. I have 700 unanswered messages. I don’t give for everything and I don’t want to be distracted by things because the important thing is the work we do.– To a cruyffista like you do you look forward to debut against Granada?-Curious. It makes me very excited. We are looking forward to the first match. I usually go happy with the sites. My tour in Barcelona. There will be difficult moments without a doubt but the inner mood that one brings, that north wind that one has suffered, that will be there every day.What Barça should we imagine?I hope it is a Barça not over-excited but with an important stimulus to put into practice what we have worked during the week. This is going to notice and I hope it is not a day thing. It is true that then I would like the things we do well to be maintained over time. I don’t want us to go through the phases of seeing things comfortable. I want the stimuli that players have received to be maintained over time.Is it a pressure for you to take the leading team?Here the requirement is absolute, there is no going back. Be the first or fifth, you have to fight to win everything. It is the DNA of this club and the truth is that it is not usual for a team to reach a team that is leading mid-season.Have you reached the most demanding club in the world because it’s not only worth winning?The requirement is not imposed on me by the club, I impose it on myself. I already know where I am, but they are not going to have to draw my attention because I will come every morning to work hard and tell the players that we have to win. I will not feel that pressure. I feel it with myself. I will try to isolate myself from many things to avoid getting out of my way and suffer wear that will not help me. The important thing is that it is training. I know that I will receive criticism, win or lose. I have to be aware of convincing my players and see what we have worked on.Messi even said that Arthur has Xavi stuff. Can you be a key player?Arthur is an extraordinary player who understands everything. And as I said about Arturo, all the players here are extraordinary. To me where the work is going to be recognized is when the vast majority of the players give their best.Why do the rondo?I have told you that I have not touched the ball for six months but that I am going to go further. I really like to participate, but I feel football from within. I like being in the country, feeling them, transmitting the feelings you have. Participate in the rounds. I feel one of them. I know how old I am but I need that energy to feel good.– Is there Barça DNA?-We all know the meaning of Barça’s DNA, but you do not know what they are capable of or they are capable of what they can do in appropriate contexts. If the player is receptive and wants to learn, you might be surprised at what they are capable of. There are many people who surpass themselves. You just have to have the will to learn. Quique Setién spoke in the previous Barça-Granada, the match that will be his debut as coach of Barcelona. These were his opinions.-The Granada is one of the few teams that beat Barça in the first round.– I suppose they will want to repeat the game that went very well. It is possible that they give the level they gave there, which was very high. We wait for the best possible rival. You have to get in a situation. I understand that it will make things difficult for us and that it will not be an easy match. Like everyone Easy you can win sometime, but not always.– Should we expect many changes?last_img read more