LG turns its massive 219 monitor into a beastly 29inch allinone

first_imgWhen is a monitor not a monitor? When LG slaps PC guts in it and turns it into one of the biggest all-in-one desktops you’ve ever seen.The 29-inch 21:9 display gives you plenty of room for running two apps side-by-side, and the system’s definitely got the horsepower to do it. LG has opted for a fourth-gen Intel Core i5 processor and it has been teamed up with Nvidia GeForce 640M graphics.While the 21:9 all-in-one is no longer just a monitor, it’s also not just a PC. LG has built in a TV tuner and picture-in-picture capabilities. There’s no reason you should have to devote the full 29 inches to computing tasks, after all.As good as the LG all-in-one is, it’s sadly not packing enough in the GPU department for you to be able to stream PC games from it to your Nvidia Shield. But hey, it’s still got more than 2.7 million pixels at its disposal — and should at least offer a nice desktop gaming experience without the bulk of a standalone tower.So how much is this bad boy going to sell for? The EA93 monitor sells for $630. With the extra PC hardware, a mouse, and a keyboard rolled in, it’s reportedly going to retail for around £1,000. That’s about $1,500 at today’s exchange, but the conversion is never that simple.Still, if LG offers this thing up anywhere near that price it’ll be a very attractive PC option. For $500 less than a 27-inch iMac you’d be getting both a massive all-in-one PC and a 29-inch cinema widescreen TV (with two HDMI inputs).Now then, LG, when exactly are you going to start selling this thing?last_img read more