Blizzard is banning Diablo III players who use Wine and Linux

first_imgBlizzard is forever being asked the question as to when its games will come to consoles. But for the moment, if you want to play the developer’s latest game, Diablo III, then you’re restricted to a Windows or Mac PC. But Linux users do have a way around that barrier: Wine.Wine is an open source application that allows Windows programs to run under Linux, and it works with Diablo III. However, Blizzard has decided to ban anyone trying to do this and is classing the practice as gaining an unfair advantage by running unapproved third party software.Wine in no way gives Linux users an advantage, and players still have to purchase a legal copy of the game and connect to the servers in order to play. On first viewing it seems likely that this is an anomaly and the cheat system the game runs is detecting Wine as a false positive game wrapper.The strange thing is, the Wine-related bans didn’t start happening in great numbers until yesterday. Tickets have been opened with Blizzard support with responses ranging from a generic description of what unapproved third party software is, to confirmation that Linux just isn’t supported and therefore cannot be used to run the game.The important thing to note is Blizzard has so far not decided to reverse any of these bans after looking at the issue. So, if you are running the game under Wine you are probably going to be issued with a ban notice sooner or later.The forums also point to the Support pages and in particular System Surveys. They consist of system reviews that detect system configurations, but if they find an issue it can stop you connecting to the game. Interestingly Blizzard also looks to see if your operating system is legal, and if it isn’t you may receive a ban too.More at the Diablo III Forums, image via Blizzhackerslast_img read more