Windows Phone 7 resume draws attention job offers

first_imgSahas Katta is an undergrad student at UC Davis studying Computer Engineering. He’s also the CEO of his own startup. This information is available thanks to his Windows Phone 7-styled resume available on his website. The WP7 look-alike resume is so attractive and well designed, it’s earned Katta a number of job offers and tons of interest in his unique portfolio.According to Business Insider, Katta managed to rack up well over 30,000 visitors within the first two days his resume was online, and when they followed up with him about how he’s handling the publicity, he noted that he’s gotten so much interest from people who want to know how he built the design, people who want to buy the design, and people who want to hire him for his own engineering skills that he’d had some difficulty keeping up with it all.AdChoices广告The resume itself looks and functions just like Windows Phone 7. You slide the mouse up to unlock it, click on a tile to access different areas of Katta’s portfolio, send him an email, or access the social networks he’s active on. If you click to see his resume, you can click to scroll side to side and see Katta’s education, experience, special skills, and more. Bonus: click the search button on the “phone,” and it brings up the mobile version of Bing.Katta says he’s gotten a number of job offers as a direct result of the portfolio, including a midnight call from one recruiter who wanted very badly to relocate him to India to work as a user experience designer for a company there. Katta hasn’t said whether or not he’s planning a job change or career move as a result of his newfound popularity, but he certainly has the options open to him.Read more at Sahas Katta via Business Insiderlast_img read more