Support for Sub-Regional Office of Olade

first_imgSome $6 million is to be spent to support  the sub-regional office for the Latin America and Caribbean Energy Organisation in Jamaica  (OLADE). The sum is allocated in the Estimates of Expenditure, which is before the House of Representatives. The project, ‘Establishment of OLADE’s Caribbean Sub-regional Office in Jamaica’, is being implemented by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining (STEM). OLADE is providing approximately $5 million in funds. As outlined in the Estimates, as at February 2013, the office had been established and operationalised and is  fully furnished.  In addition, a sub-regional co-ordinator has been engaged to manage the office. The budgeted sum for this fiscal year is to provide technical assistance to strengthen STEM’s policy implementation, monitoring and evaluation capacity; develop an interface between the National Energy Information System (SEIN) and STEM’s Energy Database Management and Information System (EDMIS), which is Jamaica’s component of the Regional Energy Information System; and build capacity to enable STEM to carry out tasks aligned to the National Energy policy 2009 to 2030. The project’s original duration is from January 2012 to March 2014. By Andrea Braham, JIS Reporterlast_img read more

Youth Policy To Focus On Preparing Young People For World Of Work

first_imgStory Highlights Minister of Youth and Culture, Hon. Lisa Hanna, says the revised National Youth Policy, when completed, will sharpen its focus on entrepreneurship, skills training and preparing young people for the world of work in the global village.“We have put in place all the work for revision…the Concept Paper has been written to (produce) the new policy, which will not only see things to take into consideration – how the globe has changed, how Jamaica has changed, and how our young people have changed – but will have with it certain instruments to make sure that it’s implemented,” the Minister said.Ms. Hanna was addressing a youth seminar, held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, on November 20.The Minister explained that the concept will now form a Green Paper, which will go back for consultations and out of that will emerge a White Paper, which will be tabled in Parliament.She pointed out that the policy will take into account emerging issues that affect young people, and will present commitment and response of the Government to address these issues over time.The Ministry of Youth and Culture has been tasked with the responsibility of developing a comprehensive data base of the country’s youth population, a review of the 2004 National Youth Policy and the promotion of a symbiotic youth-development partnership with the private sector.These activities will lay the foundation for greater participation of young people in the formulation of appropriate policies, and ensure that limited resources are targeted to the preparation of young people for the increasingly competitive world of work.Miss Hanna underscored that the future of the country resides in the creativity and imagination of young people, “so in order to pull that out of you, we have to get rid of the mindset of ‘a jus so di ting set’.”“If we have a revolution of the mindset of young people resetting their agendas, resetting their approaches, resetting their conversations as to how this country should work, and what their expectations are, then we will go in a particular direction,” she said.Meanwhile, Project Manager, Inter-American Development Bank/Government of Jamaica Youth Development Programme, Margery Newland, said one of the most significant outcomes of the revised policy will be its Monitoring and Evaluation System, which will allow for the tracking of achievements and the status of activities included in the policy.“We have to assess, on a continuing basis, the quality of the relationships that we have established and the progress in the implementation of the policy; and to evaluate the activities and actions that we have taken in the implementation of the policy, so that we are in a position to assess the impact that it has had on our target population,” she said.Scores of young people from across the island turned out to participate in robust discussion sessions regarding topics such as: education, health, anti-crime/restorative justice, entrepreneurship/employment, capacity building of youth sector and youth participation, and equity/special circumstances.Revision of the policy is being informed by the findings of the 2010 Jamaica National Youth Survey, which was commissioned by the Government under the Youth Development Programme loan agreement signed with the IDB.Conducted by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN), the survey provides a holistic profile of young people age 15 to 24 years, and seeks to aid in the strengthening of existing programmes designed for youth development throughout the island.It focuses on, among other things, unattached youth; young people living and working on the street as well as those in State care; young people with disabilities; entrepreneurial and employment opportunities; and spirituality and values.The seminar was held under the theme: ‘Reset di Ting! The Courage to do Things Differently’, and forms part of the activities to celebrate Youth Month 2013. The Minister explained that the concept will now form a Green Paper. The revised National Youth Policy, when completed, will sharpen its focus on entrepreneurship, skills training and preparing young people for the world of work. The Ministry of Youth and Culture has been tasked with the responsibility of developing a comprehensive data base of the country’s youth population.last_img read more

6 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Downloads for Your App

first_img Many startups spend huge amounts of money on advertising, yet neglect app store optimization. App store optimization is the most cost-effective method to organically increase your installs for a couple of reasons:According to Forrester, a staggering 63 percent of all app installs come from general browsing in the app store. By optimizing your app to be discovered through search, you can dramatically increase the number of downloads you receive for your mobile app.It’s free! If you have a solid app store optimization strategy and execute properly, you will get tons of organic and free installs to your app.Here are a few tips and tricks: 1. Choose the right title.The title of your app ranks more heavily than the rest of the meta-data, so choose it wisely. Make sure you target words in your title that you want to hit the most, words that you’re confident about. Tools like SensorTower and AppAnnie can provide you accurate traffic volumes and difficulties of certain keywords. Also, make sure you don’t keyword stuff the title; the app store will reject your app.Related: How Can App Makes Improve Revenue and Keep Users Engaged?2. Select situational keywords.Depending on how many downloads and how much traffic your app is already getting, you must adjust your keywords. For example, if your app is already getting high traffic and downloads, you can target more competitive keywords that have higher traffic. If you are just starting up an app that nobody knows about and isn’t getting featured, I recommend choosing keywords that have a low difficulty level and medium traffic (according to analytic tools like SensorTower or AppAnnie). There are likely some keywords that are gems that others are not targeting and may have decent traffic.3. Localize by country.As every app store is separated geographically by country, it is really wise to localize your app to optimize it for discovery across different languages. The app store allows you to change the meta-data within your app depending on which country is searching for your app. Some companies have used a mixture of Google translate and native speakers to help localize their apps, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to localize as well. Localization is a huge aspect of having an effective presence globally. Just think of all these untapped markets that you can reach and how easily you could acquire more users with these markets.  Related: The Top 5 Myths of Mobile Apps — And Why Believing Them Will Hurt Your Business4. Use powerful images and wording.Once people are able to discover your app, the rest is up to how well your app listing converts into downloads. To optimize conversions, you must use beautiful images to entice users to want to download your app. Make sure to include the most attractive aspects of your app and to include captions in the pictures as well. You’d be surprised at how a simple tweak of an image or word can translate in terms of conversion percentages.5. Pay attention to ratings, reviews and the description.When was the last time you downloaded an app that had one star? Ratings and reviews don’t factor in as much to discovery as the keywords and the title, but they do have a huge impact on conversion rates. Users are probably more likely to download your app if it has received a large number of positive reviews. Make sure to also include an interesting and enticing description to explain to users what your app does!Related: 10 Steps to Building an App People Will Love6. Follow the data.App store optimization is an ongoing process that takes experience, time and testing to get right. Make sure to thoroughly test out keywords over periods of time, and also test out the images/description of your app to see which ones are converting the best. At the end of the day, data doesn’t lie, so make sure you follow the data and find out what works for your app specifically. Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. April 12, 2017 4 min read Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now »last_img read more