Watch: This love story will melt your heart, but can you spot the gun?

first_imgMade by an NGO named Sandy Hook Promise, this ad campaign is the ultimate lesson on gun violence.The film, Evan, tells the story of a budding high school romance between an unknown student and a boy named Evan who is bored at the end of term. The two begin exchanging fun notes written on a table in the school library. As their mysterious romance develops, Evan goes on to look for his blind crush and the viewer’s curiosity develops to know the same.Moved by this love story, you may miss out on the terrible parallel story playing out alongside,  When the two finally meet in the school’s sports hall, the dreadful aspect is revealed as a student enters the room and loads a gun, followed by all the students running to save themselves.An alarming quotation appears after this sequence which says “While you were watching Evan, another student was showing signs of planning a shooting”. The rest of the video highlights the shooter in the background behaving in an alarming way as well as being bullied.Watch here:Sandy Hook Promise, an organisation run by parents of students who died at the shooting, has attempted to create awareness on gun violence.According to the pre-ad research, maximum number of school shooters and those who committed suicide told someone of their plans before taking action and showed signs of planning the crime, but no one around them noticed the warning signs, and only remembered them later on, after the tragedy.advertisementlast_img read more