Saint Mary’s encourages students to receive vaccination at Sunday’s Flu Fest

first_imgSaint Mary’s will be hosting an outdoor Flu Fest and Blood Drive on Sunday at the lacrosse fields from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Though students can no longer reserve a shot, walk-ins are still accepted. The College is incentivizing students to attend with free food, games and prizes.A Wednesday email from Cynthia Horton-Cavanaugh, the interim director of Health and Counseling, said more than 500 students signed up to get their flu shot at the Fest.“All Saint Mary’s students who attend classes on campus are strongly encouraged to take part in this event,” she said in the email. “Bring your insurance card and we can bill your insurance for you. Otherwise we will bill the $20 vaccination fee to your student account. If you do not have insurance, the flu shot will be covered by the Emergency Fund.” Katie Knisely, assistant athletic trainer and healthcare administrator at Saint Mary’s, noted the importance of receiving a flu shot this year. “Now since the temperature is starting to drop, people will most likely be spending extra time inside of buildings in a confined area with more people and at a greater risk of exposure,” she said.This year’s vaccination has been designed to fight against four different flu viruses, an email from the College said. Knisley said the flu shot can lower one’s risk of getting the flu or other related infections.“Getting the flu shot could help decrease the chances of getting the flu and help prevent co-infections,” she said.Saint Mary’s is working to make the flu vaccine easily accessible through the fest, Knisley said, and The Observer has found many students are planning on attending Sunday’s Flu Fest. Sophomore Kathleen McLeod said she is getting a shot to protect her family and friends from getting sick. “The decision to get [my flu shot] this year was a no brainer,” she said. “I would never want to be responsible for giving the flu to a friend or family member and get them really sick.” Senior JoAnna Keilman  said she wants to maintain her health during the pandemic. “Honestly, I have not gotten my flu shot since I have been in college, and it did not affect me until I got the flu in February,” she said. “I want to take every precaution to stay healthy during this time, especially so we can stay on campus.”Sophomore Lauren Lambros said bringing any virus home is not an option. “My mom has a compromised immune system, so getting vaccinated has always been super important to me just to protect not only my own immune system but hers as well,” she said. “Now with COVID, having a strong immune system is more important than ever to protect ourselves and the members of our SMC community who are immunocompromised.”The first one hundred students who signed up to get their shots will received a free t-shirt from the College. Those attending the event are encouraged to wear short sleeves for easy access to the recipient’s vaccine administration location.Tags: COVID-19, Flu shots, Saint Mary’s Collegelast_img read more

Spider time

first_imgIt seems to me that fall is spider time as I notice spider webs hanging from everything imaginable. I’ve seen dew-covered spider webs strung between power lines, and I’ve encountered a web of two in my face when I walked out my front door. The first hard frost will kill them off, but for now they are mating and producing egg sacs so their eggs can overwinter and re-establish the population next spring. Two orb-weaver spiders with large webs are the most commonly seen.Barn spiders and yellow garden spidersBarn spiders (Araneus cavaticus) can be found on porches, where flying insects attracted to porch lights get trapped in their webs. These spiders are nocturnal and construct a new web every evening and take it down before dawn. This rusty brown spider has legs extending about two inches, making it look large and noticeable. These spiders hide during the day, but at night are found in the middle of the web, waiting for their meals to be trapped.The yellow garden spider (Argiope aurantia) is one of the longest spiders in Georgia. It is frequently found in gardens and around shrubbery where it constructs large webs to entrap flying insects. The abdomen has distinctive yellow and black markings, while the front part of the body, the cephalothorax, is covered in white. The female yellow garden spider typically remains in one spot throughout her life, repairing and reconstructing her web as it is damaged. Her web may have a distinctive zigzag of silk through the middle, explaining her other common name, the “writing spider.” Unlike the nocturnal barn spider, the yellow garden spider can be found in its web at anytime. Sometimes a smaller spider will be found in the web with her. This is the male garden spider.Here all alongThese spiders have been present all summer, growing and eating insects. By late summer they are large enough to be noticed. Georgia has more than 800 species of spiders, all of which are harmless if left alone. For more information on spiders and other pests, see the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences publication site at read more

Premier League quotes of the season

first_img0Shares0000The thrilling Premier League campaign has also featured some memorable moments off the pitch © AFP/File / Oli SCARFFLONDON, United Kingdom, May 12 – The final day climax of the Premier League title race marked the end of a campaign that also featured a number of memorable quotes from start to finish.Here AFP Sport picks out 10 of the best: “I can’t wait to get out of it, if I’m honest. I think we’ll be far better out of the bloody thing. In every aspect. Football-wise as well, absolutely. To hell with the rest of the world.”— A combative Neil Warnock vents his ire about Brexit in January“That puts it into perspective — yes, we’ve got relegated, but life is far more important.”— Warnock on the tragic death of Argentinian striker Emiliano Sala, Cardiff’s record signing who never got to play for the club after he was killed in a plane crash on January 21 while en route from Nantes to Wales“I won more Premierships alone than the other 19 managers together. Three for me, two for them. Respect!”— Jose Mourinho loses his cool in a press conference after back-to-back defeats early in the season. He was sacked by Manchester United in December.“The title race is like Highlander. Only one of us will be there at the end.”— Jurgen Klopp uses a typically colourful cinematic comparison in April of their duel with Manchester City, referring to the tagline of the 1986 film.“I’m 51 years old so I have never experienced a war. We are really blessed in our generation, but the past showed us that as long as strong partners are together, Europe is a much safer place.”— Klopp takes a different line to Warnock on Brexit.“At the end Liverpool play right now without pressure because they know it is not in their hands… We have the pressure because we can’t lose, because it is in our own hands.”— Pep Guardiola ups the ante on Liverpool ahead of the final weekend“Liverpool are one of the strongest teams I have faced. They have everything. They have good tactics, they have great defensive strength, they have very good high pressing and they have a very good counter-attack.”— Guardiola heaps praise on Klopp’s side in April“You know what you are, you know what you are.”— The normally placid Mauricio Pochettino rants at referee Mike Dean after a 2-1 defeat by Burnley in February. It earned him a two-match touchline ban“How is your future? Is The Sun happy with you or not?”— Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri jokes with a newspaper reporter after being asked if he was nervous about his future after a 2-0 victory over Spurs at the end of February“When confronted with a tragedy, all people are different, with different reactions. I proposed different things to help everyone with different support.”— Claude Puel may have been sacked later in the season but he gained a huge amount of respect for the way he handled the aftermath of the death of Leicester City’s Thai owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in a helicopter crash on October 27“Back to back… I think it was the hardest, most tough Premier League ever. Liverpool was exceptional. I don’t mean to rub it in, it is what it is, they didn’t deserve to lose.”— City captain Vincent Kompany after a 4-1 win over Brighton on the final day clinched the titlepi/mw/dj0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more