Real transparency will break the glass ceiling

first_img Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Real transparency will break the glass ceilingOn 28 Sep 2004 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Organisations have spent a lot of time in recent years addressing the issuesassociated with the glass ceiling. And just as organisations start to payserious attention to removing the remaining barriers preventing women frommoving to senior positions, a new phenomenon has been identified in the media.That is, a concern about job security for some women in senior managementpositions because the glass ceiling has been removed, only to be replaced by aglass cliff. The findings are from a recent study by Exeter University, which suggests thatfemale executives are more likely than their male counterparts to findthemselves in precarious jobs with a high risk of failure. The study arguedthat women who break through the glass ceiling into senior management oftenfind themselves on the edge of a glass cliff, with evidence appearing to showthat FTSE 100 companies that put a woman on their board experienced in therun-up to that appointment consistently worse share price performance thanthose companies that appointed only men. It can be argued that in times of low share prices, any new appointees facechallenging roles, and the risks they face are the same, regardless of gender.However, it is essential that any promotion is backed up with sufficientexperience, development and support so that newly appointed board members havein their armoury everything they need to succeed. The study challenges all leaders to consider their recruitment actions. WhatI take from the study is the need for all organisations to continue to workhard to create an environment that is predicated on meritocracy andtransparency. The challenge facing chief executives now is to support all senior staff sothat promotion opportunities are not considered to lead to a glass cliff, butare instead seen as what they should be – an excellent opportunity to developand to add value. An organisation should be looking to develop a culture wherethere is a “glass lift” with a transparent approach to developmentand opportunities at all levels of management. Development from junior management through to senior management must comewith stretching personal development objectives. If you reach the seniormanagement grade there is even more reason to pursue the development path, asstaying ahead of the game requires significant effort. If an organisation considers career development opportunities for all of its staff and identifies clear career paths at eachmanagement grade, then there should be clarity around the competencies andcapabilities that are valued at the top of the organisation regardless ofgender. It sounds like utopia. And it won’t happen overnight. But there is no reasonwhy, with effort and commitment, it cannot be delivered. By John Connolly, chief executive andsenior partner, Deloittelast_img read more

USC alumnus Bill Sharman dies at 87

first_imgBill Sharman, a USC alumnus and former coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, passed away Friday in his home in Redondo Beach, Calif. He was 87 years old.Sharman was well known for his basketball success and was nicknamed “Bullseye Bill” for his efficacy at the free-throw line. He is also ranked in the top 25 in all-time high scorers at USC.Sharman was a Troy letter-winner for four years, from 1947 to 1950. Sharman was selected as an All-American in 1950. In 1950, he was USC’s forward and scored 1108 points in 81 games for an average of 13.7 points per game, which was a record for USC at the time. As a senior, he averaged 18.6 points per game.In 1949, he was chosen as USC’s Most Inspirational Player and in 1950, he was chosen as USC’s Most Valuable Player. Sharman played for the USC baseball team from 1949-1950 before signing a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers.After briefly working for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Sharman became an NBA star with the Celtics, and later a coach for the Lakers and in 1972 led the Lakers to their first National Basketball Association title. He was also distinguished as Coach of the Year.Sharman is also known for inventing the “shootaround” as a way for players to calm their nerves on game days. He found that he felt less nervous if he shot a few baskets and dribbled the ball around before the game, and he brought this strategy with him to the teams that he coached.Sharman also became the first coach to win championships in three different professional leagues, with the American Basketball League in Cleveland, American Basketball Association in Utah and the NBA in Los Angeles.He later joined John Wooden and Lenny Wilkens as the only members in the Basketball Hall of Fame as both a player and a coach.In 2002, Sharman was put into the Pac-12 Hall of Honor and was part of USC’s inaugural Athletics Hall of Fame in 1994. His No. 11 USC jersey was retired in 2007 and is displayed in the Galen Center.Sharman is survived by his wife Joyce, his two sons Jerry and Tom and his two daughters Nancy and Janice.last_img read more

BiH to play a Friendly Match against Luxembourg

first_imgNational football team of BiH will play friendly match tonight in Luxembourg. Also, they will play against the Swiss on Tuesday, and that will be a friendly match as well.After elimination in the playoffs from Ireland, this will be the first gathering of the most popular BH team. Although the above mentioned matches have no competitive significance, BH team members should give their maximum and understand the importance as they are playing for points. Of course, the Dragons also need the victory in order to restore their confidence, after the additional playoffs in November.It is needless to say that Dzeko and his teammates are absolute favorites in the clash with Luxembourg. Good results in the next two control matches will further improve the atmosphere in the locker room of our Dragons, and a good mood is always a precondition for a good result. Qualifications for the World Cup that will be held in Russia in 2018 are starting in September, and by then, the head of the national team should change some things “inside”, because it is necessary at this point. Therefore, it is clear why the coach expanded the list of candidates.“We will try to make a good result. Everyone cannot play, since 11 players will be in the first set and we have the right to six changes. In these two matches, we will do everything for all 25 players to show their form. We need to be serious and disciplined,” said coach Bazdarevic.It is assumed that the selector will give a chance to all new players against Luxembourg. With good performance and triumph, we should wait for the match with Switzerland that will be participating on the European Championship, which begins in June in France. That match will show where we are and what we are.The match against Luxembourg at the Josy Barthel will start at 8:15 pm with live broadcast on FACE TV.(Source: Edin Isanovic/ read more