Nintendo 3DS audio improved with awesome steampunk speakers

first_imgYou may never be getting that second analog stick on the Nintendo 3DS, but it is equally unforgivable that the company has also failed to deliver a set of steampunk speaker amplifiers. In a mod shown off on YouTube, a Japanese fellow has constructed a pair of clips that project the sound from the 3DS’ mediocre speakers. The results are surprisingly good.The contraption (this is the only word for it) is attached to a handy little stand. The 3DS sits on the cradle, and the speakers are attached via clips directly over the laughably small speakers on either side of the screen. Sound bounces around the unnecessarily long tubing, then out the flared ends. You can really hear a difference when he clips the amplifiers on. The louder sound should make musical games more enjoyable, though it’s still a little tinny. The stand also has a slot to hold the stylus when not in use.It sounds better than I would have expected, but it looks even cooler. It has an industrial steampunk thing going on, but I don’t know if that was intentional. Some buzz-kills might suggest that using the headphone jack is a more practical solution. To that I say: unacceptable. This speaker amplifier is clearly the best way to listen to your Nintendo 3DS. Accept no substitutes. Although, since this is not a product you can buy, your 3DS will never reach its full potential, although it may have improved sound output in the forthcoming 3DS XL.via Tiny Cartridgelast_img read more