Man Claims Walmart Sold Him a Fake iPad

first_imgKen Lamal walked in to his local Walmart and picked up an iPad he wanted to buy, paid for it, and when he unboxed it, inside he found not an iPad, but a display model – plastic that’s been painted to resemble an iPad for display purposes. When he returned to the Walmart to report the fact that he essentially got a display iPad in a box, Walmart told him they couldn’t refund his money, he should contact Apple, and that all returns are processed through them. The store says that all returns are processed by Apple and they’re not allowed to repack electronics, so the iPad must have shipped from Apple the way Lamal got it, and that the whole thing is Apple’s problem – not so indirectly implying that Lamal is the one who put the display iPad in the box and is now trying to get cash from the store for it.  Lamal, for his part, bought himself a real iPad at his local Apple Store instead, and the rest is history. He plans to file suit, if only to finally get his money back. [via KPLC TV]last_img read more