first_imgHappy Holidays, Cappuccino-ers! Because today, on my side of the pond, it’s Thanksgiving. Stories of Pilgrims and Native Americans aside, this holiday is a wonderful chance to overdose on Brussels Sprouts, Candied Yams and the all-American Pumpkin Pie . In between, we’re supposed to find time to count life’s blessings. Here are my thank-yous for the day:1. I am thankful for Wikipedia , by virtue of which I will be hastily writing two essays without visiting the library once this weekend.2. I am thankful that I was broke when I left England in May and that I remain broke enough today to stash whatever small sums of money I have under my sofa and not in any bank accounts the Exchequer might be managing. 3. I am thankful that a judge in New York is allowing the theater workers’ strike to continue but has made the performers in the year’s holiday play—“How the Grinch Stole Christmas”—come back to work . Forget labor politics: the city without its Christmas tourist attractions is a true economic crisis.4. I am thankful that the U.K. and the Commonwealth are talking tough to Pakistan’s military dictator , since the United States appears a bit too enmeshed to do the right thing.5. I am thankful for hot cups of tea, and for my mother’s care packages of Indian curry mix from home, a delicious break from the horrors of student dining.6. I am thankful that I live in a country with a holiday exclusively devoted the consumption of large quantities of food. What are you thankful for?Cherwell24 is not responsible for the content of external links.last_img read more