Letter to Editor: Control the Crowds, Please

first_imgTo the Editor: An architect’s drawing shows how the proposed Soleil condominium-hotel complex might look at 11th Street and Ocean Avenue in Ocean City, NJ.Why reject the proposed construction of a 111-unit condominium complex at 11th Street and Boardwalk?While I agree with newspaper reports claiming the building will eliminate a key parking lot and jeopardize the town’s family-friendly atmosphere, there are far more serious points to consider.1) There is already an excessive concentration of mass-residency buildings in the immediate area of the proposed construction:The Flanders – 11th and BoardwalkThe Ocean Manor – 11th and OceanTahiti Inn – 11th and OceanOceanic Motel Condominium – 11th and WesleySeaport Inn – 11th and WesleyImpala Island Inn – 10th & OceanSanta Barbara – 10th and WesleyBrowns Nostalgia Bed & Breakfast – 10th & Wesley2) The 11th Street beach is already too crowded. Suffocating is a better word. Question: Have the developers attempted to find a spot for even one towel (forget a blanket) on this beach? I think not. If they did, they would conclude that there is simply no room for their prospective residents in this part of town.3) It is likely that the developers clearly understand the crowding issue, but I believe it does not concern them. They will sell all 111 units for over $50 million, pocket the profits and quickly leave town for a less-crowded, quieter beach experience somewhere.4) I believe that the developer will make a substantial profit on the initial sale while leaving each unsuspecting buyer (as well as current residents) with the risk of property devaluation associated with a miserable, over-crowed, Ocean City Maryland-type beach and boardwalk experience.5) The over-crowding will eventually self-correct with reduced vacationer interest in the area and, therefore, result in an excess rental capacity situation. It was sad to hear about the Anchor Inn closing its doors forever and, unfortunately, the same outcome would be likely for many of the other iconic OCNJ establishments listed earlier.6) No, a solution is not to have the Army Corps of Engineers pump more sand on the beach, pushing the water back another half mile to create a Wildwood/Atlantic City look to the coastline.7) If there is presently no zoning ordinance to control ridiculous over-crowding proposals such as this, there should be. SummaryThe construction of this mass-residency structure will severely worsen an already crowded situation. I believe the approval of this project would constitute gross negligence on the part of elected officials and Zoning Board members by failing to recognize the serious detrimental consequences to current residents, investors and vacationers.I believe thousands of residents, investors and vacationers join me in this opinion. I personally represent all three constituents, and all three of me may be the first to exit OCNJ if this project is approved.May common sense prevail, may this proposal be rejected and may our elected officials and Zoning Board members pass an over-crowding ordinance to prevent wasting any more time on proposals that are simply bad ideas for this well-governed, award-winning family resort.Rick Hayek Ocean City, NJlast_img read more