Diver captures first photo evidence of fish using tools

first_imgMention fish and most people think of a tasy meal, pets that have two second memories, or an ocean full of the things. Intelligence and learning aren’t usually associated with fish, unless of course you are talking about dolphins. However, we now have proof that some fish at least are quite intelligent and have the ability to learn how to use tools.Professional diver Scott Gardner has managed to capture a photo of a fish using a tool in order to gain access to a food source. While diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Gardner heard a repeated tapping sound coming from a nearby rocky area. On locating the source of the sound he found a black spot turkfish with a clam held firmly in its mouth. The turkfish was banging the clam against the rock to break the outer shell, which it managed to do, and then proceeded to eat the nutritional meal inside.AdChoices广告This wasn’t chance, or a one-off event, as Gardner witnessed shell fragments around the rock from what was clearly previous clam crackings. He also described the turkfish as being an experienced clam smaher due to the accuracy of the hits. The technique also demonstrated experience with the turkfish alternating sides to weaken the shell uniformly. It did this over the course of 75 seconds.Tool use by fish has long been thought to happen by ecologists, but until now no one has captured real evidence of it happening. Gardner’s photos remove all doubt that it does happen, and makes you wonder how many other types of fish use some form of tool on a regular basis to gain access to food.More at Science Mag and SpringerLinklast_img read more