Apple breaks CocaColas 13 year hold on Best Global Brand

first_imgEvery year Interbrand compiles its Best Global Brands list, and for the past 13 years the number one spot has been held by Coca-Cola. But for 2013, that hold on first position has been broken, and it took a technology company to do it.Last year, the top 5 read as follows:Coca-ColaAppleIBMGoogleMicrosoftHowever, the growing significance of technology in our daily lives and globally is clear, as Apple has now taken the top spot, and Google has nudged Coca-Cola down to third place. The 2013 ranking looks like this:AppleGoogleCoca-ColaIBMMicrosoftApple first appeared on the list in the year 2000 at position 36 with a brand value of $6.6 billion. 13 years later, it’s now top and that brand value has sky rocketed to $98.3 billion.If you look further down the list you’ll find other well-known technology brands not far behind. There’s Samsung (8th), Intel (9th), Cisco (13th), HP (15th), Oracle (18th), and Amazon (19th). I’m pretty sure Samsung and Amazon will be two brands that continue to move up the list, and have done so this year from their previous positions of 9th and 20th respectively.Will Apple now have a multi-year run at the top? I doubt you’d get many analysts predicting that. Such is the fast-changing nature of the tech industry, that a brand can soon lose its appeal if a few product launches aren’t well liked by consumers and the press alike. And Apple is facing more pressure than ever to deliver something new and innovative rather than the incremental gadget updates we have been seeing for a few years now.last_img read more