Moroccan Wedding of President of Mauritanias Daughter Stirs Controversy

Marrakech – Mauritanian social media users slam the decision of their President to organize a “Moroccan” wedding ceremony for his daughter.The wedding ceremony of the daughter of the President of Mauritania, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, which incorporated traditional Moroccan customs and dress, has been subject to heavy criticism from Mauritanian society and social media users.The daughter of the president, who had lived in Morocco, chose a Moroccan ceremony and traditional customs to be observed throughout the wedding, from wearing Moroccan traditional clothes, to being carried on a Moroccan Ammria, a platform on which the bride is carried by four men, and with music played by live traditional Moroccan bands, according to Al Arabia. The wedding ceremony elicited strong criticism from Mauritanian social media users, who considered it an “expression of indifference to Mauritanian traditions by the President’s daughter, charging that she failed to respect local Mauritanian traditions.Some charged that the President’s daughter “is not proud of belonging to Mauritania and its traditions, even if she did not mean it, as long as she chooses to celebrate her wedding through the traditions of another country.”Others, however, supported the president’s daughter’s choice, arguing that she is free to celebrate her wedding in whatever manner she chooses. In their view it was not unusual for her to choose a Moroccan wedding, given that she had lived in Morocco for a long time and had enjoyed Moroccan wedding ceremonies.