Google Patents VR Shoes That Almost Feel Like Real Walking

first_imgVR games often involve bumping into objects, but Google recently patented motorized VR shoes that promote safer play and almost feel like real walking.Google’s filed patent application, which was published on Nov. 15, demonstrates the idea of “augmented and/or virtual reality footwear,” that would enable users to engage in their virtual or physical environments sans injuries. These high-tech sneakers would be motorized, so users can feel like they’re walking in the VR landscape, yet they’ll be kept in one area in real-life.Photo Credit: USPTOHere’s how it works: The person would slide into the sneakers, which look like roller skates, before they play a VR game. Once they’re ready, these shoes would allow the person to easily walk in their VR atmosphere. Meanwhile, in their physical atmosphere, the motorized shoes would restrain this movement and keep them safe from tables, walls, and other objects. With these advanced sneakers, users can fully immerse themselves in VR games without worrying about annoying obstacles or getting hurt.Even though these VR kicks could be a benefit for VR gamers, Google will have to iron out some kinks, such as keeping users balanced at all times. While acing the walking motion is important, VR users will have to also keep their bodies stable. It will be interesting to see if these VR sneakers will be produced by Google in the near future.More on Valve Making a New VR Headset, With Half-Life This Time? ‘The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ is the First VR Game Set in TWD UniverseE3: Armored Core Developer FromSoftware is Making a Game for PlayStation VRlast_img