World of Final Fantasy Maxima Is More Final Fantasy Than Final Fantasy

first_img New ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Trailer Puts Us on Cloud Nine‘Final Fantasy XIV’ and ‘Masters of Doom’ Are Yo… Stay on target World of Final Fantasy released two years ago. While I enjoyed the demo, I never actually got to play the full game. Ironically enough, I was too busy playing Final Fantasy XV at the time. It’s a good thing Square-Enix decided to re-release it in the form of World of Final Fantasy Maxima. Though it’s certainly a big departure from the usual Final Fantasy fare, it does a remarkable job of capturing the spirit of the franchise. If you can get past the cutesy chibi aesthetic, there’s a lot to like here for fans of the series.For those who didn’t play the original, World of Final Fantasy stars two siblings (Lann and Reynn) who travel to a world called Grymoire in order to regain their lost memories. To do this, they must fight creatures called Mirages and capture them to battle other Mirages. Along the way, they encounter famous Final Fantasy characters such as Cloud, Squall, Lightning, and more. Like many JRPGs, the story is too convoluted for its own good. Fortunately, the core gameplay of capturing and leveling up monsters makes the incomprehensible plot tolerable.AdChoices广告If you’re going into World of Final Fantasy Maxima fresh, then all of the new additions will seem like a natural part of the game. This includes more Mirages, a new difficulty setting, the ability to play as famous Final Fantasy characters, and some extra end-game content. You can also have two additional Mirages with you, which makes things a bit easier. While the new features are nice, I’m not sure those who already have the game will feel it’s worth the $15 asking price. They’re a nice bonus, but nothing crucial.In order to use Mirages effectively, you’ll have to “stack” them. This amounts to wearing little monsters as hats. Here, size matters. Small Mirages go on top of medium which go on top of large. You’ll either have to grow or shrink your main characters accordingly. You can have two Mirages on their head if they’re fully grown, or have one small Mirage on their head while riding a large creature at medium size. It’s a weird system to wrap your head around, but it actually ends up working quite well.When stacked, you gain all the abilities of the Mirages in your stack. Conversely, you also get all of your Mirage’s weaknesses. Careful consideration of what monsters to put into your stack is crucial. You can’t create a one-size-fits-all stack that’s useful for every situation. Each area has different enemy Mirages with their own strengths and weaknesses. Thankfully, you can freely mix up and change stacks as required. This also gives the game a deeper level of strategy since you need to think about your formations.Collecting and leveling up Mirages is highly enjoyable during the first half of the game. Unfortunately, it becomes somewhat of a slog in the middle portion. If you’re playing World of Final Fantasy Maxima on the Switch, this is probably not an issue since you can grind away while going to work or school. If you’re playing at home, it can become a chore. Thankfully, there are some sidequests and activities to partake in to help break up the repetition. These usually involve colosseum battles and the aforementioned popular Final Fantasy characters. Things pick up in the latter part of the game, but the middle is decidedly laborious.One of the best things about the original World of Final Fantasy is that you could play outdoors on the PlayStation Vita. This portability continues on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, some have reported issues with the Switch version. This includes slow down to the point where a hard reset is required. Hopefully, Square-Enix will address this and other issues soon. The Switch version should technically be the best because you can play it both outdoors and on your TV. Switch users may just need to hold out a bit longer until fixes arrive.Different players will dig World of Final Fantasy Maxima for different reasons. Some will appreciate its cutesy art design. Some will love the Pokemon “gotta catch ‘em all” gameplay. For folks like myself, it’s all about the Final Fantasy nostalgia. The game is bursting at the seams with endless references to past games in the series. Sure, the graphics are almost too adorable and there’s an overall air of whimsy to everything. However, it also feels more authentically Final Fantasy than some of the most recent mainline entries. Square-Enix should look at the way World of Final Fantasy honors the legacy of the franchise and bring some of that into the inevitable Final Fantasy XVI.Considering all the games released this fall, World of Final Fantasy Maxima will likely get lost in the shuffle. This is unfortunate considering it’s actually quite a lot of fun. It isn’t a “must-play” or anything, but it is a very enjoyable experience, especially if you’re a hardcore fan of the series. With that said, people who already own the original may want to carefully consider whether the $15 upgrade is worth it. Truthfully, this probably should have been a free update since the additions don’t introduce anything overly necessary. This release is really for the uninitiated who want to unwind with a chill JRPG. It’s also a reminder of why Final Fantasy is such a great franchise.More on Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Is (Probably) Coming to Nintendo SwitchCool Gifts for ‘Final Fantasy’ LoversA Photographer’s Guide to ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’last_img