There is a saying website optimization four unnecessary entanglements


Shanghai Longfeng for several years, optimize the website also has twenty or thirty, in learning and constantly sum up, slowly also have their own views. Usually in the forum and Post Bar still have a lot of friends over the tangle of some common problems, and today is based on some experience of their own, do not think it is necessary to write out a few places tangled, of course I summarized this is suitable for the index of less than 1000 words, for some large and medium-sized website or index slightly higher the word, you also need a solid implementation of good Shanghai dragon is the fundamental strategy.

second, not too tangled web structure of

URL is the only standard and we often hear the words, is indeed very important in website optimization, also can accumulate URL weight effective, similar to the URL structure of the problem often seen in the forum, sometimes even with a week can not find the perfect answer, the other not to say, only 301 he stumped a number of webmaster redirect, due to the different procedures, different host, different languages, 301 redirect writing is different, it also include the URL static, pseudo static and so on, in fact, the index below 1000 words, no need to over with this, the author also optimized twenty or thirty all stations, the dynamic path, but the path parameters are only one, is very simple, so ranking and included well in place, and steady, so do not worry too much. URL, of course if you can spend a little time to fix, then try to use static URL.

.Enough, enough


guest blog general index are below 1000 words, so in URL and no effort to adopt the dynamic path optimization. Because of the double support pseudo static and static to program and server, so I did not care too much, it has been used for dynamic URL, at present all aspects are very good, like N before a web site, ranking will naturally rise slowly.

first, not too tangled URL

flat flat, clear enough is the structure of many websites to pursue, because the flat structure is more in line with the search engine crawl rules. But limited by some open source (CMS) of their own design, network design, to develop the inherent design and so on, some website structure is destined not too simple, but the problem is that we do not have enough time and technology to change it, so some friends too tangled in this matter, think a little more complex the website didn’t have benefits that do not have to do everything possible to grab, simplify it, the wasted weeks or even more time didn’t fix. In fact, it’s not necessary, the first program to do the complex is possible for the future for expansion, it is also possible for the sake of safety, itself is not bad thing, but for some low index words, relatively easy to optimize, if you spend too much time.

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