Teach you how to properly use the keywords to improve the ranking

Keywords When

this is relatively simple, in the A5 press colleagues sent a complaint will be about experience, or to introduce myself. Note that here the general will appear on their website name, content and keywords that they do not know if you have noticed. For example, I can say, "I’m XX the company’s network, has been responsible for the optimization and promotion work of the company, I am from n years ago to accept the XX task…" and "I xx the XX keyword after several months of efforts finally… Now I say my experience". Hey, so everyone was advertising in the imperceptibly, in fact, when I was speaking experience may be the advertising information I added, but I am speaking experience, so free. The last paragraph add keywords I do not have to teach it, see so long A5 information, do not know if you really can not be saved.

this is not difficult to understand, is to add a keyword you need in your soft Wen title, this is a test of your knowledge of literature. For example, I sell the server, so I can write soft "server stability decided webmaster optimization results, though a bit exaggerated, but the" server "and optimize the word related to a block, so also attract webmaster attention, isn’t it? In fact, God can take your company name also contains to his title there, but it will not be considered advertising network coding. But this small series is not recommended, because a little control the degree you will be considered advertising, waiting for his fate only to be deleted.


when the station is not easy, when a powerful webmaster is not easy. This is a sketch of Song Dandan’s classic lines, I got here, can also express the webmaster heart. Don’t optimize the webmaster busy looking for the optimization of collection, will optimize the webmaster are also busy for a good effect, can only say that every webmaster has a skeleton in the cupboard. Today, Xiao Bian will teach about optimization but not proficient in Webmaster friends (master even, ability is limited) how to write a high quality soft wen. Experience a little of his own show.

1. add a page title

2. for the first and last paragraph increase keyword

3. tags and URL link

A5 press we should see keyword is added to the column, but many webmaster do not make good use of. I’m not here by saying do not fill in, but not to write. Your keywords are sorted out according to your published soft content, or your website promotion Keywords all on top. If the latter, that means you can make good use of it. This keyword, I remind webmaster friends or fill in the body, and not the position of the keywords more better. Best can choose 3-5 with soft words according to the content you post a soft, otherwise you will be soft love spiders in Shanghai discount. < >

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