2017 Shanghai dragon have what new practices

two. Capacity value


Shanghai dragon is not a simple optimization of early muscle memory operation method, in this matter is no doubt that everyone has different optimization techniques, in fact 2017 is what new

users?If the



optimization operation of this level on the site, you need to understand the user, understand the user to understand the site, understand the search engine, in these aspects can really understand if it is also very good, in fact most of friends are not fully understand, for those who master to do itself might not really know "


mining users from the content, making the content from the user’s point of view, from the service user experience, from the user experience optimization, and then extended to the user, if the user does not love, it means to go in the future is still very long, please continue to work hard.


is based on the level of user needs, what three points, what a


three new

? As for

three is the user, the content, experience, the line is connected with the transmission, spread to the who, of course is spread to use, in this regard, the extent of thinking, how to connect the user? How? How? What experience? If only from one aspect, I am afraid as a Shanghai dragon never estimate can’t fix the real thing, why is this? This is because only in a way that is made in-depth self estimation, closed repairer, can be what the real good,

skills, and this might as inexhaustible, most webmaster, on the one hand, if you want to surpass others in skills, so if a single by a Shanghai dragon Er to optimize a large enterprise, or a person to use the skills to beat a team, this situation may win it is difficult to save, so tactically if you want to go beyond peer, beyond the front month, then through the talent competition, team competition, skills competition requires a strategic master, if there is no suggestion for Jane can self-study is also from the media, but the premise is to adhere to either good, or good learn not to say, there is a high IQ, which is beyond the others in the future to some tactical skills on talent and ability value.

a new thinking.

in the users of that every friend are great ideas and skills, that is to say we all know that starting from the user, but in the operation of the operation and most often friends, that is basically no difference between what is said, we all know that the content of originality, the needs of users. But in the content of the 3.1 structure, always vary, that is to say we are in another layer of skills is ignored, what skills

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