The interpretation of the different character of the novice how to get started in Shanghai Dragon

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with the change of social environment, impetuous have become a common line of modern society, it is also a popular character, most people still tend to be impetuous. Of course, in impatient, quick success. Many business owners have appeared in the online marketing on fickle performance, which many just enter Shanghai dragon industry novice, no experience of Shanghai dragon novice will produce impetuous, want to quickly learn Shanghai Longfeng knowledge to meet the requirements of the authority. For this kind of impatient people, if you want to fast entry then I would recommend you a book, that is "Shanghai dragon magic book", this book is very suitable for the novice Shanghai dragon, right, teach you how to optimize the basic station, you can quickly master the Shanghai dragon station optimization part.

first class: impetuous type

is a novice is a relatively poor people. The biggest characteristic of this kind of person is not willing to spend money for knowledge, this kind of person what attracted him most, it is a free lunch. So this kind of person if you want to get Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is only through the network, with >


content is less, some Shanghai dragon concept is not in-depth analysis of

Confucius said: "in more than

, can also in the following language; people may not be announced. "Confucius’s words mean different people with different personalities, level and ability to accept, but in different ways and levels of education, namely" individualized "education principle. Shanghai dragon how to get started? This is a problem we often see and hear the novice to the topic, there are many online answer information, but we can always see someone again to ask this question, why? Because a lot of information about the general way, and not according to personal circumstances "teaching". Today the author from all the different character to analyze as beginners how to learn Shanghai dragon, shortcomings and the variety of learning methods.

shortcomings: the need to spend some time and energy to get started.

Disadvantages: because

this kind of Shanghai dragon novice the largest character is to expose to all problems encountered in Shanghai dragon, love found, love also study. For this character I would recommend them to read ZAC’s "Shanghai dragon actual combat password", this book contains a variety of operating a number of the Shanghai dragon in the investigative people love to meet more in-depth understanding of Shanghai dragon.

second: investigative type

advantages: read the book can be more systematic in-depth study of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge.

advantages: "Shanghai dragon book" content is not much, and it is easy to read content, examples of interpretation, sharply, quick, suitable for beginners who Shanghai Longfeng relatively impetuous.

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