n order to stabilize ranking cannot do without the observation and analysis of the site

recently ranked Shanghai love great changes, many web site keywords ranking fluctuations, what is the reason, we are not too good, but if I had my website fluctuation, basic can guess where the problem is, the reason is that I often woke up on the site analysis and observation, so as to understand the dynamic website here, I introduced my method, I hope to help you.

: the first site Links, is stable, is mainly to observe whether their website can be opened when the snapshot update, whether there is a link to me, when to be search engine punishment, these are our observation range, I think the owners all know, I often have the tools. Using

external links mainly from such aspects.


I on site observation of external links and internal optimization.

observation of internal site optimization, mainly is that so few.

home station webmaster tools, why he can choose, reason is that data is updated, unlike some statistics, not too good, the test results are not true, once found on their website, so in time, if the other party without my links, it is needless to say, get rid of it if the other party, the website does not open, I will promptly tell each other, if search engine punishment, that is no way, can only temporarily removed, after the stable plus, most of the time Links is directly affect the root of our website ranking.

third: on the site included the number of observations, see whether there is a new page, my website www.06xushi.cn, generally included is the next day, I included basic update, included, in fact we can see this site is also very stable, if suddenly not included, it would have to look at what is the reason generally, is soft, the quality is not good, or the chain platform, not included, but a point is the quality problem, this tells us not to reprint; honest scholarship, ha ha.


second: Observation of foreign chain, mainly to see yesterday or web site overall situation, see if there are new websites I got soft, or whether the new chain release platform can be included in the first time, this is also a great way to accumulate resources, once the first good website, can be collected, long-term to release, if found outside the chain is not normal, so in a timely manner to respond, is generally a forum account was closed in, then we have to find the best administrator discuss, just a simple punishment, now many webmaster very impatient, anxious, yesterday’s station, today the ranking is better, by cheating in fact, do not worry too much, then the chain decreased sharply is the search engine adjustment problems, it is to see the others stand what the situation is, generally built on soft Wen The chain is the most stable.

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