Shanghai dragon combat password (Third Edition) the essence of finishing

note: This article is nearly half the contents of up to my experience, the rest of the key ones. Pick up, do Shanghai, in addition to reading, to see more attention to love Shanghai official advice, and then try to summarize their own ideas, I hope useful for everyone. The experience in Chinese focuses on search engine optimization.

to the letter as a book, learn to take their thinking to see to do better, the Shanghai dragon algorithm is not open to the public, once the public may and will have a lot of cheating, but now I love Shanghai official gives a lot of good advice should be seriously concerned, Shanghai Longfeng trend will be more natural, more emphasis on user experience. The arrangement according to the book chapters written, outdated now cut redundant common content of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform official views and their summary, we hope to help.

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to study the noble baby, the chain is still an important factor in the current foreign search engines including Google, Bing, but at present, in the love of Shanghai factors is relatively small, 12, 13 years is a good time to love Shanghai algorithm for large-scale changes, personal feel in love with the sea than the noble baby adjustment algorithm nature is more reasonable, probably because of the different conditions. The third edition of more than 600 pages, it China, look very bloated, after all, China to love Shanghai, the book includes the chain, and so many ways of cheating are outdated, but this book is new, did not do too much to cut accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization Shanghai Longfeng, Chinese translation of "search engine optimization", through the web site optimization and interior modulation station optimization, make the site to meet the requirements included in the search engine ranking in the search engine, so as to improve the keywords ranking, accurate users to the site, get free traffic, direct sales or brand promotion. (colloquially: Shanghai dragon is the love of Shanghai natural ranking, the general said the search engine to search, in addition there are vertical search and search.

2, what is the use of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon and the promotion of the contrast between

in Shanghai in 2012 to enter the dragon and individual owners in this industry, 4 years is not a long time is not short, 12 years at the end of the year to read the first edition of the book, but that time many actually cannot read, "Shanghai dragon actual combat password", this in the Shanghai dragon circles called the Bible the book, the positive meaning lies in the overall analysis of Shanghai Longfeng ideas, but also brings many negative effects, including early to Chinese, now Shanghai Longfeng rough pseudo original, outside the chain behavior is largely influenced by the impact.


1: why do Shanghai dragon

1, Shanghai dragon

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