Role reversal, regard themselves as a spider – customer

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in Shanghai has said before, love the customer experience. Since this view was put forward, then the robot also made great efforts on it. But from what aspects of the implementation of our robot is not known, but can see themselves as a spider, the spider is the customer, but the spider more rigid, by which we can seize the favorable factors.

here we try in your website to a spider client’s attitude.

article, will have the title, a conclusion. The conclusion after the end, should not recommend related articles? And pure a is not very correlation is not strong. If I was interested in a 123, I finished 123, you will see is 456, then you must be recommended by 456 instead of 000. As the novel was serialized, I let you see a Denon eight, then transfer I look at The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, I am not willing to. The spider is the same, do not want to climb.

everyone said, the title of the party. Why is this argument, because there is no title, or not, you do not love, the spider is the same, this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar a word. I really want to make good use of, is actually very simple, is not the original is not important, but not related but is very important, because I am only on their website is perfect, can meet all the customer requirements for the station, because I have the authority to collect, the representative of the article and my website is not contradictory. For example, why some directory sites and pages even on the same site, the same title, the same content was repeatedly tens of thousands of Web site, love Shanghai also included? Because they are improving their work, meet the customer. If the original, where so many original, also have a website can completely meet the needs of the customers.

believe in now, the spider has become more if capacity, deny capacity, reject capacity. Of course, only have some ability is not enough compared with human thinking, but it can make full use of time in the selection of a web site.

from many examples, but not in fact not for update ranking, but the premise is the ranking has a stable situation. The update brings what interests? When you are a spider in the time, the first time to enter your web site on your website is not informed? This is absolutely not, why come to your site spider. As you can see ads or links in a certain place, attracted the attention of the title, the title to a curious attitude came from your page to find the content, it will be included. But when your site is full of content, every problem can be solved, even if there is not updated, ranking is stable, because in the station has been fully meet a person’s question.

correlation is too important to

How to build the ?

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