Jiang Pingzhong how to solve the love Shanghai snapshot not update the site in question

(2) on the external links. It usually is: in the web site outside of the chain on the part of the anchor text is made by A, a part of the anchor text is done with B.

this is the webmaster of the more common phenomenon, the general can keep updated every day snapshot love Shanghai website, the chain general do well. If we say that love Shanghai not included new website page, that love of spiders in Shanghai did not develop a habit, and your intimate degree is not high. Jiang Pingzhong suggested that the webmaster, you can go to some high weight blog articles, with links to your web site in the article, so it can guide the spider to new content to the collection. To update a week or so, Shanghai love the spider on your dependence slowly enlarged, cute little spider would never leave your site, the spider is falling in love with your website, was deeply attracted by you.

(1) love Shanghai database cache update. The corresponding index of the automatic extraction of different keywords, the general data updated after this, this phenomenon will disappear automatically.


three, love Shanghai snapshot is updated every day, but not included in the new page, also ranked before by

finally, Jiang Pingzhong explained: love for Shanghai every day in the update, with the ranking before actually Never mind, because the ranking.

, a snapshot of different keywords, not the same as


, Jiang Pingzhong said with a snapshot of love Shanghai is closely related to the problem:

, two new articles included, but did not update the

recently, Jiang Pingzhong checked their website Links, found that there are several websites for a long time, dozens of Links in Shanghai, love has no update snapshot date. Of course, Jiang Pingzhong will open the curious look, find love Shanghai snapshot not update problem. Of course, this problem is many webmaster all know, but there is one reason, probably because it is a part-time webmaster, a lot of time not good site management. Jiang Pingzhong think, even if it is a part-time station, then a small smallpox into check and update the site, when Links or some, so webmaster want to stick to their daily updated a few articles, keep the intimacy love Shanghai spiders, this is very important.

this is the warrior forum answer is often a problem inside the station mentioned. I have a friend every day in the original add new content, also love Shanghai every day to give a collection of articles, the home page is not updated snapshot. Jiang Pingzhong a look at his website, he found that the chain is really too little, they advised him to take some more outside the chain, insist on not long, Shanghai began to update the home page snapshot found love, oh.

this happens, the website ranking is negligible, this generally, Jiang Yuzhong think there are two reasons:

page snapshot

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