Don’t let your site search engine easily handling

anyone can become editor of the encyclopedia articles, want their editorial content in their audit through is very difficult, but they still can be implemented. If there is no search engine, I believe people will be widely used for the Wikipedia entry information content you want.

is not reading the comments on the blog, only in the process of the comment you see how to set your content. Don’t leave the real comments like "your blog is really beautiful" "Lord, you said is truth and these crown comments. Good records you comment on the blog URL, every day, through the URL, see your comment is live, once it is alive, check to look back, if the administrator.

that sounds crazy, now the best you can do is not Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. You can tell yourself that, if there is no search engine, then Internet users will be reduced by 80%, and you 80% links and 80% of the content is not, according to such guidelines, I think you never thought with a large number of link building and duplicate content issue to optimize the website, search the engine more than to search engine optimization important. Looking for any opportunity to do some things on the Internet, will increase your search engine rankings, do not rely on search engines alone.

through the edit and modify others entry information, add your link, fill in your new knowledge, from the reference links every day you can acquire at least 2 times from different parts of the link.


the story of the three little pigs believe everyone is familiar with, in order to avoid the wolf attack, they use their own hands to create their own "safe harbor", but because of different ways and means of the final results are not the same, brick made room pig eventually defeated the big grey wolf. This reminds me of Shanghai Longfeng optimize three small owners in the story.

by focusing on other traffic sources, while ignoring the search engine, you will find that the search engine will not ignore you.

1, ignoring the search engine


is the first small Adsense on the keyword, repeat the spinning text, and malicious chain released on other sites, with the search engine algorithm update, finally it is search engine has swallowed second small owners went out from duplicate content, original own content, and create tens of thousands of his bookmarks submit your site to thousands of free Shanghai Longfeng directory, implementation of articles and resources page links to tens of thousands of exchange programs, the same features will not search. Finally, a small station saw his comrades fate, need to make a decision by the search engine by the website, regardless of the enterprise, panda, black or white hat, its website are not affected, so it is how to do

2, using Wikipedia entry

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