Shanghai Longfeng xixingdafa announced the construction of the chain!

skills: early use of network, packing your personal Internet brand, can make a person’s love of Shanghai Post Bar, personal blog website, the Encyclopedia of brand creation (including love Shanghai encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia) can do, do this step is to prepare you for the next network marketing.

then I will give you a share of Shanghai Longfeng fast scheduling optimization – how to make thousands of Shanghai dragon trick for you to do friends chain to help you do the chain

two skills: add 20-40 (Shanghai dragon chain group, Shanghai dragon tutorial >

heard the Shanghai Longfeng Research Center moon Shanghai Longfeng teacher curriculum, very deep feelings. Really as a professional website optimization personnel, think of personal understanding of Shanghai dragon has a lot to practice and experience to summarize. I believe a lot of sex in Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization friends, feel do not Shanghai dragon is to be high quality content, high quality of the chain? And use keywords quality Links to bring the whole website ranking. Friends can understand this is absolutely right. But I am in the website optimization process, every day I was looking for friends of the chain, there are some new website with my area ranked first in the Shanghai dragon website to change link, but this new station will often be refused for friends of the chain, because it is very simple, their website without any keyword ranking, more talk do not have the website traffic.

fast scheduling method may be very surprised to hear a lot of people, you may feel really unbelievable, but never mind, Shanghai dragon master’s talent shows itself in this industry, must have his quick optimization techniques as well as secret weapons beyond the optimization of thinking general personnel of the Shanghai dragon. I’m here today to give the Shanghai Longfeng share fast scheduling method, can be said that as long as you really follow this method to implement the actual operation, I believe you in the near future, your site will have great development, you will find the original website ranking optimization is so simple.

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Hangzhou today website optimization mainly bring [Shanghai Longfeng chain construction xixingdafa secret], today to the Shanghai dragon share is not the chain do not chain can put keyword optimization to love Shanghai home, here we first explain, I not tell everyone not to do outside the station optimization and the chain construction, but these are not your own work to do. Here, you may laugh at me, those who can work instead of doing it? Not bragging. Ha! I know you would think so, this can understand. In fact, I personally feel that the teacher moon he said there is reason for the current Shanghai dragon industry, a lot of people are changing every day in the chain, the chain, the 3 things every day in the website optimization, the reason for this result in the industry really awesome characters really rarely, why Shanghai Longfeng jobs and wages so high for these reasons

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