[tips] a swarm optimization practice station

(4) it is important to keep the home page and site map update. Many people use millions of the guest site is the use of a long time to build, after importing the 200W keyword on the tube, are waiting for love to Shanghai included, rankings, flow, and not to do any operation, the emerge of itself and perish of itself. How much to pay, how much return, you want to rely on you for a long time to build a station you want to succeed? Maybe you good luck, but I think the chance is very small. Small operation million guest site is according to the basic principles of Shanghai Dragon: daily update. The daily update, the site map is updated on a regular basis. This can quickly be included in search engines.

(3) site location is also very important. Because a lot of people by using the keywords, and keywords that comes with containing industry site, so I see many millions of the guest site are integrated shopping, shopping guide and other forms. Or that sentence, the same type of site too much chance of being punished too much love in Shanghai. I think: we can use the website theme positioning and an industry, and then add the keywords in the same industry, I believe chances of success will be greater.

(2) because this is Taobao off promotion, behoove page will contain a large number of commercial links, this is not conducive to love Shanghai search engine, even if it is encrypted, but can not guarantee that Shanghai does not recognize such love, site of the success rate will be greatly reduced. So, Xiaobian recommended: before forming pages included and flow, remove the page reserved commodity link, text information can call goods (this is not only the Taobao customer link, formed by the text content page). To do so, to avoid this taboo love Shanghai is not friendly to Taobao customers;

(1) do not use the program that comes with keywords. Indeed, the program with the 200W keyword, but too many such words used by people, and many words are not selected, cannot call out the goods, no goods can’t form a content page, this page is of low quality, I have seen a lot of cases, it can be included in 10W are difficult, but also bear the increased risk due to low quality of the page is down right. And you can rely on Taobao to train the choice of keywords, such words are easier to bring the long tail keywords transformation, but also to ensure that the call of a commodity, plus reasonable optimization, 100 thousand pages included 5W is very easy.

believes that millions of site guest program all understand, also know some principle, there are a lot of people do, but many people do, the success of the very few people, why, what can be improved. Listen to Peng Jinjie to talk about.

(5) need to improve the quality of traffic. As we all know, millions of guest site template is almost a model, but also has bad street. That such a template is not conducive to the search engine. Two million Taobao template is ugly, do not use the user experience. Three.

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