How to create the next snapshot site personnel in Shanghai Dragon

reflected in any of these areas are not independent, often other aspects will have a great impact on its performance. In the construction of the chain can often be the site structure clear, the construction of the chain do good, has to a certain extent above help love Shanghai spiders to crawl the page, reduce the work load of the love of spiders in Shanghai. Is to give an impression of the love of spiders in Shanghai. At the same time, now love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience, the construction of the chain of health is more conducive to the user experience, to provide more relevant information for the user. Highlights in the construction of the chain at the same time can be focused on the content of the distributed weight do subdivision. To help understand the key of spider web. These effects seem to snapshot is very small, in fact, do good, impact on the next snapshot is big.

two, website construction of the chain of

we all know, the next snapshot can achieve a website not simply a snapshot of the next day, there must be a >


Tianjin Shanghai dragon Research Center website TJ Shanghai dragon Er often go to visit the forum, often can see the snapshot of the problem, such as "how to do to make your website the next snapshot?" "my new station may in the short term to achieve the next snapshot?" and so on a series of such love Shanghai snapshot the problem. Today TJ Er Shanghai dragon to talk about how to build the next snapshot of



many friends will think the inner of website construction chain impact is relatively large, how can love Shanghai? What is the use of the snapshot update

update siteThe importance of

, a

website updates as we all know, but really stick to a few, are often cold, many people say do Shanghai dragon like love Shanghai love, I think there is some truth, update the website above has been fully reflected, imagine that you have updated website the law, remember to update, not up to half a month is not updated, you left out of love in Shanghai, then Shanghai will love you cold. The situation is caused by the love of spiders in Shanghai rarely come to grab your web page, not to crawl your site, what is the snapshot update, not to mention the next snapshot. So the website updates to the law, good timing and quantitative. There is a website to pay attention to quality, do not update the article is some rabbit tail so long, so that Shanghai will love you is not the quality of the perfunctory, also won’t give you the fruit to eat. Website update quantity over quality, so for some lazy friends, often just copy some articles is not desirable, it is said that for new sites, a month just on the line, the quality requirements for the content of the website is very important, because now love Shanghai on your website, once you give love Shanghai bad impression, OK, then you try again I’m afraid it is not easy to love Shanghai leave a good impression. So the website update quantity over quality.

Three, the construction of the chain

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