Beijing Shanghai Dragon analysis of two cases of health industry

Comparison of Analysis of 2 layout, compared to


health industry is the biggest competition is Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai jjpm the most fierce, if a Shanghai dragon Er operation success of a healthy industry site, no doubt to you the Shanghai dragon road, increased the number of rings. In one sense, to promote the healthy growth of Shanghai dragon industry, especially to promote the research of Shanghai dragon black hat webmaster, Beijing Shanghai dragon whether contact customers, or QQ group, discussed the most is the health industry in Shanghai dragon. At present, the author did the news media marketing program in two hospitals, the actual operation of several hospitals in Guangzhou, the news media, Shanghai, Beijing province. Today Beijing Shanghai dragon hereby to analyze a case, mainly for friends analysis, here also share with friends.

two, at present the relevant data as follows:

, the column (directory) more, will distract the weight, but its advantage is that the segmentation is very accurate, second at the bottom of the site below their back to the chain, is to optimize the excessive love for Shanghai. And the JS code to call two less than, a consulting system on the left side and one on the right and personal advice or on the right is more suitable for the user experience, the first site is to do so.

4, first URL path comparison, website URL is very regular rate, is the three layer structure of the URL, while the second site of UR>

1, both ranking is included and the related domain, the first sites are front, although the second have their own system, but is not the first snapshot quickly, mainly because the first sites in both the weight or the external links are more than second.

3, Links contrast, second websites Links more, and there are several high weights of the site’s home page links, but the first site of Links more awesome, are equal Links, these sites Links is the output weight value is low, the weight is for you quite high.

included 1, first sites is about 14000, love Shanghai related domain is about 165000. There are 12 sections of this site, 18 output Links.

following Beijing Shanghai dragon a love of Shanghai and related domain:

, the author analysis is an AIDS test for the two web sites, remove keyword Wikipedia, analysis is currently ranked first and second, please see below:

, three:

Analysis of

included 2, second sites is about 4920, Shanghai love field is about 4730. There are 9 sections of this site, 28 output Links. This website is the biggest advantage is the question answering system, are automatically updated every day, and some outside the chain of high weight.

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