A new website to share and explore the optimization process

1: the website must highlight the theme, highlighting the site is what.

3: before the site located around the main keywords, keyword long tail word optimization.

2: the website must have good internal structure.

Sitemap: 贵族宝贝Domain/sitemapindex.xml

5: the website must be updated regularly, even if the update is only one or two articles every day.

I recently built a new station, I think for a long time to start, I want to run on the starting line of direction, see a lot of Master the wise remark of an experienced person at the forum, I summed up a website to be successful, one of the most basic condition is to grasp a theme around the theme of optimization, like reading writing, there should be a central theme, you can start to play. My first good location of the web frame structure by keyword tools to find out the four main words related to the topic. And then through the noble baby tools find 100 search query volume lower the degree of competition in the long tail word, my time and energy is limited, only positioned in 100 with the website subject feeling good on the home page of the long tail word, I locked up the two main keywords to optimize the long tail word I optimization into the classification and within the page. At the same time, the use of long tail keywords construction of each page of a site chain structure, ensure the main label of each page is not repeated, the original basic content. The website spent about 10 days in the process of forming the basic, increase website information, I also submit your site to each big website bookmarks. And BLOG, every 100 or so artificially increase the keyword anchor text links.

through the optimization process of the new website, I summarized 8 important:

through the above work, the new site within 10 days of receiving the first order, feel very happy. 10 days later I see the noble baby webmaster tools, submit the Sitemap 90% cable introduced a noble baby included ideal, probably because the website content is basically the original reason, keywords noble is in accordance with the planning for my baby now included, including the long tail word long tail word and sent 128 students has been ranked in the top 100, the home medium competition program main keywords within 10 days has been ranked in the top 40, for a new station in just 10 days time, is already quite satisfied, master please don’t throw egg, I’m just an ordinary webmaster, I have no technical background and backup power support team.

7: submit your site to each big bookmarking site Webmaster Tools > and a baby

4: website content to maintain the basic original, not a large area of plagiarism, but you can refer to.

6: the website must generate a site map, it generates an robots text on the web site root directory, write the contents such as:

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