Talk with Shanghai Longfeng marketing and EDM marketing

quality information acquisition can be divided into three processes, collection of spam email, email authentication, and know your customer

this afternoon in the combination of Radica held network marketing theme Cafe EDM and Shanghai dragon. The following part of the interception of the content of my speech for your reference.

quality information to better dig out potential customers, reduce the inefficient investment of resources, strengthen the investment return of

so the quality of access to information as "looking for people", automatic email marketing as "send time", strengthen customer loyalty as "said on the matter". Shanghai dragon can be optimized from the three integration to optimize, make email marketing influence on times expand.


The role of

general, Shanghai dragon plays 4 roles in the EDM marketing. The role of 1 filters before a chapter about winning a magic weapon of EDM is the quality of access to information, and natural search traffic general quality is better, and can be targeted optimization. For those who can generate sales of key terms, is a potential source of EDM, access to quality information if it is the most cost-effective from the search engine.


2 as a seasoning agent, EDM information collection is diverse, from their website users intercepted information is necessary. In order to increase the effectiveness of the registered information, to the user feel value website is especially important, this will make them give real information. It can not only enhance the Shanghai dragon keyword ranking and promote the content quality through content optimization, allowing users to have the required.



4 as the source material, commercial content is certainly not fit for the first time the mail. So "what to say" is very important, through to the station user behavior analysis, can understand what users are most concerned about the product, what is the most acceptable product, what is most can long retain user interest, can be used as a reference source to help write the content design plate of Shanghai dragon even email data analysis.

3 as catalyst, the incentive measures must be free to attract a large number of registered version. But the user may only be seen in in the station outside the station, how can also attract users? In addition to pay for advertising and what? Shanghai dragon can show the copy and the chain construction to attract publicity, registration information.

activity / user to business

The role of The role of

automatic email marketing can make effective communication in customer life cycle, promote or strengthen the purchasing behavior of

strengthen loyalty is make different customized email marketing in the understanding of the different attributes of customers, retain loyalty

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