Mix boy sites included the reason for the decline in summary


1, the quality of

, a website of its own problems:

has been for several days did not update the article, really sorry, even the micro blog is not updated today, share the theme is love Shanghai included the reason for the decline, because just 2 weeks ago, one of my new sites included decreased from more than 50 to 10 (a few business sites, the content was not much, but a lot of repetitive content and low quality, then add the pseudo original) after the second, but the total number included or declining (believe such new sites effect a lot of friends met it), but now has been restored, and several main keywords of the website ranking in the top, as the site is not announced, mainly lies in sharing this topic today, we as long as symptomatic to prescription, so here to share some of the major causes of the site included reducing.

: in the beginning, when I said, I do this business site included from more than 50 down to 10 a few, at that time, the first feeling is the site the quality problems, then I exclude other causes, in the examination of the log, it will be because of this article the quality of the later on I would have improved the quality, although every day or one, but this site after a week after adjustment included slowly, and in increasing. We all know that in the acquisition, 3 years ago, the acquisition does not make any changes to the search engine, this is love, 2 years ago, due to a false original, but now the general pseudo original, the search engine can be identified. Some of the sites in the beginning to cultivate a certain weight, in the later was reproduced, these reprint articles page is seconds, but later found the site search engine is full of useless things, will give you the site right down or even directly K off. Such examples do stand more meet the eye everywhere, I believe will meet.

2, the website was hacked: do the most awful time than the host is unstable and the website was hacked, some websites and I did was black is also very much, but sometimes there is no proof, because there may be other sites through the server marginalia, met this egg painful things, only by viewing a FTP file in a file modification time to determine which files have been changed. But because the site was included by the black lead to the situation have occurred, if it is directly get rid of code words, search engines can only think of you as a new face, only to your assessment, and if it is coupled with what the black chain, the impact is not very large (I through a lot of experiments here, it necessary to say, some online academic articles only for the author of the article, but not to other websites, for the website ranking this thing through most of the factors to see, some people say that the site was hung black chain, ranking back what, I Speechless. Of course, there are still) the influence of bad > for the website

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