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chain. If your site every day more than 100 IP have not yet achieved, update a little chain can. Here’s a little bit? Is a personal definition, is an article, to make A5, the owners of the house received the manuscript. Insist on an article every day, breaking a one hundred increase of ip. So the chain but high quality. If you do not have so much the manuscript can be written, it would raise a blog, Sina, NetEase, free blog keep a raise, it is quite useful, ah, said the partial…

I still believe that sentence, as long as we are always in favor of the love of Shanghai. I often do these things and I went to sleep again. Why? Because you can’t do these things can be effective immediately, Shanghai dragon takes time, you can do a few days ago, a few days in Shanghai will know, understand? Don’t talk nonsense, look at what I do if the small website optimization is actually very simple.

The fourth step:

love Shanghai collection. Small typos, is a collection. If you know friends love Shanghai, you know. Always love Shanghai for their products of concern, not necessarily effective, do better than you did.

: internal site well. How to do? Question profound ah, how do I know your site is not ready, and I haven’t seen your website. It is probably the way, the station optimization, we often don’t do well, small details. 1, the bottom with the site map, this function is not the background download plug-ins can also download software to make a map. 2, website to do, how to do? Plus title, some people say that you can and can not be added, you or not??? I want to chant, anyway, I added, you can also go to look. 3, if you know some code words, the existing home JS package, this will make love Shanghai to climb a bit faster.

can sleep. If you have energy, then write some notes. But don’t forget to update the contents of the station. My first words, Shanghai dragon is to adhere to, but also to every day. So, anyway, I remember every day to update the valuable content. At a certain time, you update, love will be included on the day of the Shanghai.

The third step: add

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The first step of

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