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you are bidding? I think many business owners will answer: doing. Of course, also understand, because bidding is also has a great effect, but also has a lot of disadvantages of bidding. We first try to understand the Shanghai dragon optimization is what? What is the

PPC, you must first know how much money in his pocket, withstand many hits. This will not predict. Once inside the account money, ranking it there. But Shanghai dragon is not the same, the budget is to give employees wages. This is not to say it, casually, not money. And do the bidding will pay the employee’s wages.

in front of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is what, you can go and see, look at. What is the price, I think everyone has heard of love Shanghai! A love Shanghai promotion is for promotion. What is the money, it is in accordance with the click charge. What do you mean? Is that when users search keywords are love Shanghai he wanted to know, your website shows in the promotion zone. The user clicks on your site, then you have to get the money. Is this meaning. How much money on the score button industry, see how much you bid on keywords.

third, from the comparison of the

is not very cost-effective?

well, we know Shanghai Longfeng optimization and what are the bidding. We have a detailed compare Shanghai Longfeng optimization and promotion of the advantages and disadvantages of.

do PPC, has the advantage that it is quick, as long as you pay, the ranking of the site immediately to Shanghai love home, but will be greatly restricted, mainly funding constraints, of course, we do not mention that the rich, rich is capricious well, we all know. Here we mainly mention the kind of small and medium sized enterprises. Do PPC is burn, a buckle a money. It is because of this, so do the bidding effect will be greatly restricted, for example, you can set the night without promotion, you set only to promote Chongqing range etc.. This will lose a lot of customers.


you know, PPC is to pay per click. With the development of social economy, the increasingly fierce market competition, the higher and higher bid keywords. I did not love Shanghai bid I don’t know how much is the price of keywords inside the industry, but I heard the word "flow", click on the time seems to be more than 200 yuan. Or very expensive. But it is inevitable there will be enterprises malicious click event. It’s not exactly is inevitable, but inevitable. This has caused a lot of unnecessary losses. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not the same, only need to pay the wages of the employees, the site can love Shanghai home, just how users are free. Think carefully.

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