Shanghai dragon to increase the page loading speed hand tutorial

first on a picture, is to test the

We see of our own movie station

is the most important problem is the first, optimize the picture this, because he ranked first. Because we are the movie station, so the home page has some pictures, and later after the treatment, the page score of speed fell to more than 90. First a processed picture.

has been to improve the loading speed of the page are love Shanghai and Google official website ranking effect, but how to do this, estimated that many friends do not understand now a hands-on tutorial, first use the Firefox browser, and then download the fiebug plugin, page speed, and then you can test it out. You can definitely find those factors influence the rate of the page opens in your site.

I use the lossless compression tool Huajun software park to provide a picture, I think smart you must know how to achieve this, the above content by seven demon television network starting in A5 station network, welcome to reprint, please click. This article by www.71ys贵族宝贝

in IIS, you can see the site attribute, the selected can be determined.

this is how to do it, in fact, snacks easily, optimize the picture is to ensure the picture quality under the premise of the image such as the original byte becomes small, the graph is 100K, after treatment is only 50K. This is called lossless compression.

enabled browser cache, there are many online tutorials. You can find the "HTTP header enable content expiration" in the amount of articles on the internet. Go back to write a tutorial to A5.

. There are three main reasons and three minor reasons, we start from the simple talking about it, the first keep-alive enabled, because I used win2003+iis, this is enabled by default, as shown below.

in contributions!

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