Do you know the website optimization to suck a great relationship and your choice of competitors

"than people, infuriating!" many times, often someone will kindly told us, do not have the comparisons of the heart. However, people are not saints, no comparisons of the heart, which to fight


? every day!< > When


soft is hot, how to write a million worth of soft is very popular; when taking micro hot, how to do micro earn 1000 yuan, click dally high; website, every time I see make million sites is how to build out, can the mouse click although the probability of more than 90%, know that this is an advertising paper……

also have the wrong way on the website optimization, website optimization, pay, free add up more than 10, which is good, what kind of effect, the continuing process of trial and error, a ruined chance once again by the cruel reality in heart pined away gradually. Be confident. Or even suspected of life: "I am so every day outside the chain, do content, nothing harvest, worth it?" this is a network master told me, he would make a lot of money, why not I; this is my purchase of 1998 yuan to buy the course, has been proved to promote the best way, why is it a little effect at all……


, this man has no confidence in themselves also persist, but one day, see a beauty good figure every day in the running, and every time he left two laps, this man mad, want to catch up with the beauty of

the Internet continues to create miracles, it will let more people choose to find business opportunities on the internet. Have an awesome website, is a branch of the army of many Internet entrepreneurs, a magical site, the value of geometry? In the A5 Adsense nets just read this news, a lottery website, sold over ten million price

The original

is a kind of man, overweight, tried several times to lose weight plan failed, this man is particularly distressed, but half gone, suddenly saw this man unexpectedly lost, asked him why, this man is a bit of a feel shy, he used to live in the area near the school the morning of the opening to the outside world, can let people in the morning, the man then ran two times every day, "in the past is not running to lose weight?" "this, this is beautiful!"

how to make their own valuable website, website optimization can not be less! No matter what the site, only have enough traffic, so this site is worth rose, however, for the vast majority of the webmaster, are "dead" in the way of the optimization, optimization of the reasons for the failure of many, for example and their choice of industry no confidence, no execution, search engine optimization excessive punishment, suffered by WeChat from the media and other hot spots to attract small video website, give up, choose a new Internet profit mode……

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