The station optimization should pay attention to what matters to do business station

site optimization, structure optimization is the Shanghai Longfeng website must work hard to do a solid foundation to optimize, as a webmaster we must take account of the details of the aspects, and strive to optimize the work to do fine, the Xuzhou website optimization Xiaobian and a detailed discussion, we should go through those aspects to consider and analyze the optimization of enterprise website structure, the network world with my little knowledge and the webmaster discussion.

we know, when we go to a new city of the most commonly used method is to map to understand the position and direction information, reflected in this website, but also a sense of spider’s sense of direction, how can we reasonably guide is the site map is the best way, while robots is the webmaster and spiders were silent astepping-stone to success we exchange sites that allow access to those things is not a spider, spider crawling is the need for us to make reasonable shielding, robots file is the important document of our operation of these details, the 404 is the main site of user interaction and enhance the experience of the page, if the site because the server address or the file open error leads to abnormal, 404 pages the correct settings can guide users to we hope to show the next page, if we do not do the potential It will cause the website bounce rate increased, decreased in the user experience.

we know the structure of the website is search engine spiders crawl to enhance efficiency, is the best way to reflect the user’s browsing habits, as a qualified webmaster, web site after online, we do not rush to optimize code label, first to analyze and adjust the structure of the website is, the author proposed the best structural optimization using flat way, because the enterprise website itself fewer columns, the column level is almost flat and equal weight, so we have to carry out processing flat, flat is the root directory on the web site of each column parallel virtual space makes the weights of these sections of the reasonable nature.

URL static members will have heard that URL is the best static suffix HTML or HTM format, rather than to many questions about with many parameters, this will inevitably affect the efficiency of crawling link address, but the absolute address is also relatively easy to understand that we are at the station when the layout of navigation or other pages link to the best use of the 贵族宝贝**贵族宝贝 path, but not the /aa/bb.html this way is relatively concentrated because the relative path for link weight effect is far better than the absolute path.

CSS Optimization Website pictures and JS files

enterprise website first, the flat structure is the first optimization points of

third and robots 404 site map page file set


second, URL static and absolute path address

web site map.

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