Revealed in the network marketing which points determines the length of the article blog

generally speaking, the theme of this article determines the type determines the appropriate length, is basically determined. A similar story of soft Wen is usually long, in order to fully arouse the interest of customers, through the description of the details let the reader empathy, to reach the purpose of product approval. News articles are generally small, the language is calm and objective, to show their products with the recognition of the authority, to improve customer confidence. Review article length should be moderate, to clearly express enterprise view, rigorous language restraint. As to technical articles, as the professional strong, not easy to understand, relatively boring, should be more control in the word.

is appropriate?

(3) reading stamina

experts have put forward the famous "three seconds" principle, namely in the network advertising language reading time should not exceed three seconds. The reason is that the general users in the network text reading time tolerance is very small, averaging less than 2 minutes. That is to say, your promotion, communication with customers only just 1, 2 minutes. Therefore, most of the length of the article should be controlled in this period of time, not because the length is too long to let readers sweep no interest in reading.

analysis of the data showed that in the relatively well-known search engine sites (such as noble baby, love Shanghai, Sohu, YAHOO, etc.), medium length pages and the rankings are often the most front. But for too long or too short in the rankings by comparison. Because these sites do not have words clear indicators, usually expert analysis, 250 to 1000 words in length between reasonable. Of course, Shanghai dragon is just a reference, not only to search rankings do not pay attention to the quality, ignore the customer’s reading experience.

(2) considered

articleFor > Shanghai Longfeng factors

Internet is gradually applied in life and work. The business model and the Internet hook also came into being. Promotion of forum, SNS interactive mode, micro-blog promotion, blog marketing…… Blog in network marketing also occupy an important position. Blogs, either in the private or business groups, are widely used. Can express their views, record personal life, also on behalf of the group issued a statement from. And in business, published some professional articles, attract attention and interest groups established, auxiliary project operation is effective. So, in the end the blog article how to write, how to write, can lead to potential customers interested in reading? The content of the format, style, aside, only the length of the most simple is hiding a lot of knowledge. Micro-blog can only write 140 words, and a blog article limit is about 5000 words, so for the network marketing article how many words

(1) and the core content of type


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