Review of the 2012 Shanghai dragon experience sharing my

, for the 2012 Shanghai Phoenix children’s shoes, is destined to be an extraordinary year, the end of the world did not come, and website optimization, but it makes a lot of workers in Shanghai Longfeng days like the end of the world. Today, as a search engine, Google updated two times, in April and October in Google operating Shanghai dragon Er, is unspeakable pain. In these two months, Google updates coming, so many websites ushered in the era of fluctuation". Indeed, happily Tomb-sweeping Day and eleven holiday return, we meet is the website ranking disappear. At the same time, we also know that the Google algorithm is a new vocabulary: Google penguin. So Google has become a research hotspot of penguin Shanghai Longfeng people. Of course, in addition to the Google search engine, love Shanghai also followed Google’s footsteps, to speed up the pace of its fluctuation. Yes, in 2012, the Shanghai dragon, is a year of volatility.

In fact,

, of course, is 2012, Shanghai dragon people began thinking seriously in Shanghai dragon year optimization. The website gives us more frequent fluctuations on the construction of high quality website inspiration, so in the usual site operation, site is no longer blindly, but according to the search engine provided by Shanghai dragon suggested step by step steadfast in our Shanghai dragon road. Shanghai dragon in the station optimization, pay more attention to the user experience, editing, best original article, the acquisition has become history. The picture website optimization, link optimization and so on are perfect as far as possible. While outside the station, looking for the chain resources quality has become a Shanghai Dragon Staff slogan, dedication work more time to find the best chain resources. For the chain resources waste is also willing to give, more attention to the quality of the chain rather than quantity. The Shanghai dragon operation, only to get the search engine’s favor, so that they can be more in favor of our site.

also began more of Shanghai Longfeng optimization thinking, Shanghai dragon more people begin to understand the search engine algorithm update. Indeed, with the continuous development of the Internet, as the Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, we have an obligation to create a more clean environment for the internet. In fact, the chain of information every day to release some Internet garbage, we also is the Internet clean out of a force. Indeed, not to do site optimization Website garbage, but let more people benefit in the internet. We are building quality.

time really flies, the end of 2012 has quietly came to our side. The Shanghai dragon company workers, 2012 years has already started. 2012, we in the end what was learned? How many successful Shanghai Longfeng experience is our proud? Indeed, back in 2012, harvest things too much, today, I also speak their own in the operation of Shanghai Longfeng work experience, hope can resonate with you.

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