Restatement of long tail keywords meaning and its practice

we Shanghai Longfeng do is search engine optimization, produced in the course of searching engines, longer, more specifically, the number of search words is the long tail keywords is very low. The emergence of long tail keywords directly led to the study, the user experience and search results on conversion rate of the consideration of Shanghai dragon industry. The long tail keywords in competition is relatively weak, so is the object of many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners concern and mining. Rapid development in recent years is the long tail keywords and user make up can be divided into broad channels, not a search engine users are likely to create a long tail keywords. Also reflects the rapid development of network, user demand diversification. The long tail keywords has become the main source of large and medium-sized site traffic, according to a survey of more than 60% large site traffic from the long tail keyword search. It is also worth noting that large sites usually have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of pages included, do long tail keywords. However, we do not have a huge small webmaster web pages to support the long tail keywords, of course can not attract long tail keyword search.

long tail keywords in what is now Shanghai dragon field has been widely used, now the Shanghai dragon love practitioners with the long tail keywords to optimize the site, compared with the general keywords, it was more specific, more in line with the needs of the user experience. A specific image of the long tail keywords in Shanghai dragon in the development process of keyword selection rules are. So the analysis and understanding of long tail keywords significance and practice is very important and necessary.

how to do long tail keywords? In fact do long tail keywords simple and difficult. That is because of its simple, long tail keywords everyone can discover, no in-depth study for a long time, also do not need every day, the anchor text chain support. That is difficult because of long tail keywords page Pang multitude, unable to view search data, optimized the page, need a lot of effective content and site structure adjustment, ensure that the long tail word pages included and ranking. So do website optimization keywords is the basic page and page included. The overall optimization of these two aspects are also the site must be taken into account, do not have to optimize the long tail word specific, because you do these two aspects, the ranking will naturally rise. However, for small owners, small and medium enterprises, so the content of the website in addition to reprint and empty collection, there seems to be no other way to enhance the number of web pages. It must have the same number of pages, content similarity is too high, it will cause the weight of the search engine on the web to determine, so similar website to do the long tail word basically is very difficult. Although the inside pages of many large websites, but want to ensure that included quantity and weight is difficult, do the long tail between pages within the chain is also very important.

so when we do long tail keywords from the website of the overall scale, the amount included in the page, the chain long tail between pages, the weight of the site itself, the site structure is reasonable, the contents of the original wonderful, the points of focus. And strive to do the optimization of the keywords >

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