Standard summarize the chain extension method

For example, the Four. Use

two. The site Links: I have to say Links is to increase the chain an absolutely effective method, as long as the other site was not K, the link has not been deleted, this is a permanent and effective outside the chain, there is no failure problems. But Links also has its shortcomings, after all the number of friends of the chain of a website is limited, when a site Links over 30 of the effect is not so obvious. I have written before "PR 0 website how to exchange Links", in which also carefully describes some skills and experience in site exchange links and links to purchase the initial.

There are many, for example: the Three. Use

Forum: 28 push, laggards forum etc..

Directory: some catalogs as long as submitted can be collected, suggest that you have time you can have a submit.

website: standard network, YAHOO’s current number is 4710, because of the recent website from Trojan attacks, so included and the chain stopped growing, for a new station inside and outside half chain through normal means to reach this number can not say much, but has been very stable, also the day before at a steady increase. So, I want to own the chain method to summarize this article through.

feeds: some links of the effect is very obvious, for example, everyone included speed is faster, sometimes even sometimes the articles on the site has not been included, but the network has been collected. Net >

1. character signature can use the link, this kind of forum registration after we can add their own forum settings inside the website link, this article published in time will increase the chance of the search engine included. To tell you about this forum posting tips here: there are a lot of network promotion, optimization, Shanghai dragon’s son, let the webmaster every day to write the original post a lot of this is not possible, so we can do is to use these posts by modifying the title, to adjust and modify the the beginning and end, let the search engine think this is a new post, so that it will be included.

on the other hand, this kind of forum replies included in the process will be greatly increased. Of course you when there is a skill, we must choose the sofa to do, ensure that the article is not included, so as to be effective against the chain.

forum, the forum of stationmaster of a push, Knight webmaster etc..

2. signature is invalid, unable to join the forum link. Many webmaster found in the forum can not join the link up, the author through the observation that this forum as long as the weight is high enough, even if the link is invalid, posts will be included.

. The Shanghai dragon Forum: there are many aspects of the Internet Forum on Shanghai dragon at present. This kind of forum can be divided into two types:

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