Right down the website how to carry out the diagnosis

? Note:

example: such as decoration and renovation sites, Feng Shui problems are related, but not matching.

> The comprehensive score of two, and the page

4. home page, not because the row right down, but those pages in the comprehensive scores obtained relatively high relative keywords.

1. chain score criteria: in addition to considering the quantity, also considering the correlation, matching degree and the weight of the page itself.


2. based flow of the keywords ranking, ranking is based on collected.

to visit


, a website right down (performance ranking, included, flow of these three types of:

traffic is divided into 1. new users and old users; old users by the number of direct access in reduction does not mean the right down, probably because the page content is not good

page in the targeted keywords ranking drop or page deleted will be right down. The website ranking suddenly drop a lot, if you exceed your ranking counterparts, the emergence of small floating, it is not right down; love Shanghai search results from second pages later, are randomly arranged;

(2), the correlation matching degree: the chain page with the original pages matching degree.

) decreased;

(1) domain:www.xxx贵族宝贝’s search results are based on the degree of matching scores were arranged, www.xxx贵族宝贝 as one of the words to

(1): if the number of the chain lost, lost the score is added back, need to add the number of the chain can be lost than two times fill in missing scores.

refers to the large decline in ranking, if only two or three rankings are likely to be floating, peer competition, the comprehensive score of their keywords than you.

domain: domain name, the first is not necessarily the home, which shows a page in the comprehensive score of relative keywords obtained, home page

(2) site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 is the word www.xxx贵族宝贝 search results. Site: if the domain name appears on the home page, the word www.xxx贵族宝贝 is relatively high in the comprehensive score of the home page, these are not the right down performance.

(summary of how to determine whether the lower right): the page has been deleted in the targeted keywords ranking drop or page.

content did not appear above the search keywords. Domian: domain name is not home, and this performance is not right down.


3. through the search words to flow down, the decline in ranking, included delete is right down the website performance.

page collection will affect the site right down, what factors affect the value of these two

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