How to control our website content update

first of all, we need to update frequency according to our own industry set, such as a lot of timeliness strong industries such as: wedding photography, decoration industry, we should be updated according to his time, such as the latest summer decoration effect diagram (in season), 2014 (according to the latest annual renovation renderings).

for business enterprise station station, many webmaster will update to update the news industry news business, the frequency of updates is quite fast, last updated the content without the user to click on, or be judged as spam, even if the last update frequency fast ranking still do not go up.

So for the

, a control site update frequency

two, smooth flow period should be how to update

may feel as soon as possible for the website update frequency of some people, it is updated daily an article content even update articles, but not all are suitable for the web site update frequency.

then, for the website traffic relatively large update frequency is quite fast, these heavy traffic sites is also doing it step by step, the update frequency did not start so quickly, with more and more traffic, users continue to rise directly lead to increased user demand, demand from the beginning of a single keyword into diversification in order to meet the demand, so the demand must keep up with the update frequency.

with an increasing proportion of the chain is decreased, the content is very important, when we do every day to update the website of Shanghai Longfeng article may be every webmaster must do, whether it is news or the other, but we have to think about starting from our website in the update, we think the website should update, the update, these problems are directly related to the quality of our website, we need to make a detailed research on the renewal work every day, to find the most suitable for our own website update strategy, instead of doing the work of mechanical update.

keywords ranking up, with the flow, we update frequency is the need to upgrade, because the back rate update frequency we can enhance the old users at the same time, more and more users, we update the content by new users to meet the needs of the old users, so as to improve in a flow level.

update frequency, when we don’t have traffic situations, not necessarily to the pursuit of faster update frequency to do the content, from the user’s needs or timeliness requirements or other requirements, users need to do even if the content is not updated every day, we will enhance the quality of the content, ranking will gradually rise.

site keywords have rankings for a long period of time, we will enter a period of steady flow, long time flow will not be a big change, it is the old user retention rates has been basically in a stable value. This time we have to do is update should expand new content and >

When we

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