Domain home is not the first in the analysis of causes and Solutions

on Friday in July 9th but good times don’t last long, small update, ranking has dropped, so I test all aspects of the website, I content updates, there are rules to increase the chain, Links situation is normal, but found that domain is not the first home page, I see a lot of Master wrote said, may now be right down, it is right to be reduced? So what causes the right to be reduced? Through the analysis: may be found for these reasons:

2, the content and the related website main keywords is not high enough, the main keyword is "Nanjing site construction", but I wrote a lot of optimization articles, but relatively few website articles, this is mainly related to is not enough, after the construction of some articles website is a must.

Although the

3, the web server space is not stable, it is a headache for people, a lot of time to update the server, hang, the board is not in the background. In these three reasons, this possibility is the largest, and is one of the most deadly. The server is not stable, sometimes the website does not open, it is difficult to give a good impression of search engine.

but on this, the author found that the domain home page in the first rank, but has not recovered, do not know if it will slowly recover, but then it can be concluded that domain is not in the first time, the ranking will certainly decline, but when the recovery, ranking will not immediately resume. If the next rank restored, I will continue to share with you. This article by 贵族宝贝

in contributions!

this station has been good ranking in Google, so I put the optimization center on the love sea, hard work pays off, in a big update love Shanghai in June, many target words are used up, in 100, Shanghai now has to love the first three pages, including the comparison the popular "Nanjing site construction" of the word.

1, the content of regularly updated every day, but the original is false, the quality is not high enough, since it seems to spend more time writing pure original article.

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