How to optimize the two level domain name to two domain names out of a vast expanse of water.

second, a sub domain name also need to update a large number of

Optimization of Pay attention to differentiation

was 3, two level domain operations, different from the master station to operate.

, the first sub domain keywords domain formInternational standard

Optimization of

when we do in the two level domain name must pay attention to a problem: the two level domain name content and master content must have the difference, if your site is doing the portal, then your two level domain name can be a branch of portal website content, and if your site is doing mobile phone, then you will not be able to the two level domain name in the mobile phone content, can do some other aspects, such as the mobile phone wallpaper, which I put forward several requirements:

most of the time we in the optimization of the website are often only thought on the website of the top-level domain is optimized, and the optimization of sub domain is let the station silent, in fact sub domain operations well can also help the site get more traffic, let’s take a screenshot of

fourth, second domain of the station optimization also to fine

third, second domain content to be separated from the top-level domain name

no matter what your site is the top-level domain name or two domain names, the distribution of the page must have the corresponding content, take the mobile phone keywords just for it, we can easily open a two level domain name, we will see two websites also have a section of the web site, content, chain so, it can be said that the two level domain name and top-level domain station optimization method is no difference between what is the key to it.

2, two level domain content is different from the main station, must have different content.

from the picture we can see a total of 7 shots and only two sites, site is the top-level domain, the rest are all sub domain name website, get the sub domain optimization well can also help the site from which we can succeed, and how to optimize the site sub domain, let this a domain name can also ship across a vast expanse of water.

mobile phone is MOBILE; PHONE, we can learn in Figure five using the domain name of the site is added to the MOBILE this keyword, get first step optimization sub domain name domain name and the domain name is on the form from which we can optimize the key words, must contain the optimization the word English, Pinyin, which is the starting point of the sub domain optimization.


1, two level domain name must be branches, can not be more than the contents of the top-level domain.

two domain of the station optimization is mainly aimed at Links this one, when we exchange in the two level domain name Links must pay attention to the correlation Links >.

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